REVIEW: Tomameri Slim Portable MP4 Player (16GB)

The Tom American digital Mp4 player rivals the similarly spec’d G.G Martinsen counterpart. However, we found the user interface on this media player to be more intuitive. Tom America also opts for removable memory (microSD) as opposed to integrated flash storage.

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Kenneth Rivera says:

como tu ves los videos pq yo tambien tengo uno pero no me deja ver los videos

Gil Villarreal says:

I bought one of these a few months ago and I’m having repeated problems playing music. Amazon says that warranty and support is provided by Tomameri, but an internet search turns up nothing. Any advice on how to contact the company?

Riep 'R.H' Hafidz says:

how long do you charge for the first time ?

Lauren Painter says:

I owned an ipod nano that i got in 2009 but it won’t let me load songs to it anymore and I have been told Apple does this so u have to buy new products but I was wondering if you have to go back and forth through each song to find the one you want or can u bring up a list on the ipod nano???????????????

Josephine Calleja says:

I cant believe it i was looking for review because i bought one like this one on ebay and they didnt send me instructions and it looks like has no sd card so its a problem for me even its in japanese by the looks of it , so without sd card it doesnt work? casue mine can charge only and while i was trying to find it to transfer songS from laptop on it ,it said was old version and incompatible and usb 0.3 .

sa'adah dahri says:

how long the battery lasts?

lcb027 says:

Does the music create a hierarchy menu of Albums? or is it all just jumbled in there in alphabetic order?

monkeykingrecords says:

Can you scan tracks? Will it remember where you left off like for podcast or audio books?

Jannah Beato says:

Is it good cause I don’t want to waste money??

RazorSharp Memes says:

My one can’t access music, video, photo and notes.

Martin Maeses says:

can you download music on it?

ken131 says:

Does this model really actually play MP4 files, because I’m not sure it does at all.

Destiny Mareé says:

My aunt and uncle got me one and it was working great….. but now, when I turn it on and move it ever so slightly… it turns off and turns back on. Is there a way to fix this?

SandFX says:

What vídeo formats support this Mp4

Kyle Chang says:

Can u use a 32gb MP4 player

Andini Rizkyka says:

Does it work for AUX? Btw is it worth it to buy this?

Sai.D.A says:

it dosent matter if you have a galaxy s7 or iphone 6..this things are just amazing, old fashion always in the top of the list to the 90’s generation

Brian Tumor says:

This is the same as the Lonve 16GB also. It has the same menu design but different icons (smaller and less colorful). It is faster because the 16GB is built-in. I can’t remark on the sub-menus of each media screen since they weren’t displayed in the ‘review’.

Valentina Beltran says:

muy buen vídeo aunque no entiendo inglés pero bueno….

Zdzisław Tkacz says:

Hello all, just tell me what format must be in order to be able to play music clips

Shirley M Balboni says:

How do you shuffle music on this device?

pelis retro says:

lo tuve alguna vez……

BatFreak says:

Does it have Bluetooth

Arturo Franco says:

Can this mp3 player play music while charging or connected to USB charger?

Irene Lapalma says:

how can I recharge the battery? I plug it to my computer but It turns off, I unplug It and It doesnt turn on. what can I do? thanks.

Hinako Takami says:

what are the formats of the video should be to be played on that device?

Kshitij Dembla says:

does it have a camera?

McDaniel Family says:

I got the same thing but the brand was Lonve and its much better you should do a review on that it 20$

ometec says:

Too bad it doesn’t have a digital ota tv tuner

Zera Falconer says:

Awesome, great review. I can’t stand Apple’s stupid prices, so I was looking for a cheaper, but similar device. Your review has been waaaaaaaaaay better than any other I’ve been able to find.

Donna Cooper says:

Can you download music from Amazon Prime, to this unit?

DaWhovianGamer says:

my two preload songs were
“Halo” and “The day you went away”

Luis Hernández says:

mine would skip the song after a few seconds? how do i fix it?

Sylvia Allen says:

I own the Tomameri Compact and Portable MP4 Player with Rhombic button and 16 gb micro sd card, and I really appreciate your overview of the various IPODS you speak in terms that make it easy for me to understand. However, I am struggling with how to upload music and videos that I own because the instructions are not user friendly. I new to IPOD but was hoping this would work on vacation and the long flights. Thanks

Ann T. Lope says:

I have a question. I just got one for Christmas and i’m trying to load my songs on there. If I want them in folders by the name of the artist, is there a way I can see the actual folders on the device and go to the artist I want to hear rather than skipping through every single song?

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