[Review] Ruizu X06 : A Bluetooth mp3 player for under 20$?!

This is the Ruizu X06 a cheap digital mp3 player that alongside a study body to be able to keep up with na active lifestyle, presents us with Bluetooth capabilities, which means you will be able to use this mp3 player at the gym or everywhere you need a player with wireless capabilities.

The sound quality is pretty decent, resembling a Sansa Clip + with more low end and a bit less detail on the higher frequencies. Unfortunately the user interface is kind of unintuitive, which is a big letdown for me at least (or anyone who values the ease of use). You don’t lose any kind of quality over Bluetooth (comparing to other Bluetooth devices) and you got a battery that lasts almost 2 weeks!

All in all a good buy, but if you wanna make this your main mp3 player I would advise spending a bit more for something with a better user interface.

If you wanna buy it you can find it on AliExpress.

Below you got some points of the video:

00:00 – Unboxing
02:00 – Overview of build quality
03:10 – Menus
05:55 – After 2 weeks thoughts
09:10 – Sound quality
10:00 – Final Thoughts

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Hugo P says:

Hi can you play radio using bluetooth ?

Seth Lewis says:

Hello InsideTheGeeks thank you for your reply, Do you know how I can do this I want to copy my music videos from YouTube onto the Ruizu X06 but not sure how to do this please help

Dilio Segundo says:

does it read .m4a (itunes files)?

Seth Lewis says:

I am using Kingston Micro 64 GB .All I want to do is put music videos from YouTube on to this would really really appreciate help please

kasa nofa says:

can you pair it with car bluetooth?

Lukas Lopes says:

Can I connect via Bluetooth with devices that ask for a password?

Leandro Real says:

Hello! Could you tell me if the sound of this device is good? Is it serious or is it reasonable?

Leonard says:

everything is in Chinese. can I change that to english? how will I even know when I am in the right mode?

Seth Lewis says:

Does any know if I can put music videos from Youtube MP4 on to this Ruizu


Thank you for the great review. I just ordered one of this because my previous RUIZU X02 version died (i let the battery drain and i didn’t recharge immediately which is a definite death sentence).
I see that the IU is almost identical which i have no problem with. The only thing i didn’t understand in your review is about the folder ….? “Sometimes it won’t come back where you were playing”? Did you mean that it won’t resume from the point you turned it off? For me the folder function is the most important since i got this for audiobooks and podcast which are all very long files. I keep them all organized in different folders. If it doesn’t resume that’ll be a huge problem for me. Would you please clarify if that’s the problem with yours or did you mean something else? Thank you in advance! 🙂

bahhaziz says:

in shop links the wish.com has it for $19 and showing original price at $110 ???? they think people are stupid or what?

Carltonfish hugami says:

why are you so scared

Seth Lewis says:

Can anyone help please

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