Review – Microsoft Zune HD, is the Zune dead?

Here is my review / thoughts on the Zune HD guys. It’s an excellent music player, possibly the best MP3 player out there. But because of the lack of support and Microsoft only allowing access to the Zune Marketplace in the United States, I think the Zune may in fact be dead.
Audio enthusiasts looking for an excellent quality music player will love it but anyone looking for more features should look elsewhere.

Thanks for watching guys, Rock On.


Mahaboob Ali Shaikh says:

Um where do you live in Canada here in Toronto we have hundred’s of hd radio stations from at least before 2011

Ryn says:

@charlieisaacs1 …

charlieisaacs1 says:

yes i think the zune is dead because with the ipod you more storage for a cheaper price.

redcomic619 says:

When the Zune first game out I preferred it over the iPod touch based on just using my friends 1st generation models.

Now that I own an iPod touch 5th generation, the Zune really sucked.

understatedcore says:

Maybe you could get a Windows Phone. Not much like the zune though.

Bingocat says:

Woah I forgot about this thing.

Adam Robertson says:

I’ve been an avid supporter of the zune devices since the first ones came out with no touch screen and had click able buttons. They are amazing! IPod doesn’t look or function as cool for playing music. You can take your friends zune and put all of their stuff (songs/pics/vids) and put them on your comp/device…iPod and iTunes is retarded and confusing. Zune is the best!

Leroy jr says:

iPod destroys zune

barbarbarbar2 says:

Zune is like a player without any record. Stupid balmier

Javier Molina says:

It was made to be a music and video player everything else is just a bonus but to be honest I only use my for those basic features and the ever so long battery life, iPod touch is crap and extremely limited when it comes to transferring my media onto it, now it’s only used for my kids amusement to watch YouTube. Zune has always been far superior than the iPod of any generation. Microsoft makes very good devices but everyone wants to jump on the what’s cool bandwagon but it’s OK I do like the iPods ear buds and that’s it, decent review wish Microsoft didn’t limit the features to our Canadian brothers across the way.

GR8119 says:

+uncletone99 Im very surprised you didnt bring up downloading cds/content on both devices!!! For zune you just open the cd tray, download, confirm the cd/artist, and its done! Oh, but not for itunes…. My mom called me one day and asked why does itunes keep blending her albums. I asked what she meant because zune doesnt do that. She said she had two cds with the same name and had to manually separate the tracks so its two albums. I laughed my ass off!! Dealing with itunes is like brushing your teeth with a cactus.

pttrpttrpttr says:

… Zune. Zeriously?

Lonewolf Nazgul says:

Sony walkman had a same mp3 player running android with a tegra processor!!! People keep forgetting Sony I don’t know why


Good review. My kids as well as myself find this item a wonderful add-on to our media players. We can still use it to do just what we want it to, play music and videos. We don’t want to depend on our smart phone to play media. It kills the battery and requires, if not demand you use internet service while doing so. The all in one source is just not for us. We have become a nation of convenience and laziness.

END6987 says:

My 2nd gen zune 80 gb is still rocking out! 

CommonKTD says:

Real shit this looks way cooler than IOS… and the latest IOS looks exactly like the Zune Desktop client, which is kind of funny

Johnny Sparks says:

Does is have Bluetooth capability?

Stephen Edward Waterstram says:

I need a NEW ONE! I hate Apple iTunes and the iPod and I love the user friendliness the ZUNE has provided Me!

nenabunena says:

@UAEdubaidude I notice that as well, he keeps banging the device. I don’t get people like this.

oSJme says:

Bought a ZuneHD when I was in the US in 2010 and on the one side it was a big mistake because Zune was not supported outside the US on the other side.. it’s such an awesome music player. Every song has some extra punch, it’s still awesome for hearing music.

Retro Oyuncu says:

apple killed every phone, player,computer,tablets,everything…

UAEdubaidude says:

Jesus stop banging it

Used Tissue says:

i think bad marketing and branding was the real problem, not the actual product.

jbarah05 says:

I can answer this question its been really dead and apple killed it

homg85 says:

Microsoft Zune HD review video. Edited using Apple iMovie. Irony.

David Lopez says:

piece of shit

wellsandlava says:

“Apple has killed it”…. You mean Microsoft! Lol

lucaboris says:

I was waiting for years to be able to buy one in Europe, only to find out they cancelled it :S


Bang bang bang bang bang stop

pimpelp35 says:

Music from itunes automatically goes to zune.
Podcast too.

Only thing that doesn’t are movies and shows.

Phat-B says:

Ipod classic is the best

bluebastion says:

Star-Lord sent me.

David Vega says:


Ananchel Genovessi says:

I don’t even care about the games and apps and all that stuff so I’m so relieved that you can still use your music for this. I first thought that the Zune HD was completely dead but, at least I can still transfer my music there and save my external SD card from my phone. 🙂 I am relieved, thank you uncletone99

Der männliche Mann says:

Is there a way to upgrade it to a version like 7.x or 8.x? And is the store available in more countrys than the USA?

Joaquin Martinez says:

Geez i miss this thing. I has a Zune HD 16GB and I loved it. Awesome software and i had so many movies and songs on it. I dropped it so many time’s and the Zune never even got 1 scratch on mine. Fuck Ipod! lol

Luis X Luis says:

So… in other words, it sucked

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