REVIEW: Bassplay P3000 Hi-Fi Lossless MP3 Player (DAC)

Bassplay P3000 Hifi MP3 Player, Lossless Music Player
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DAC & INDEPENDANT HEADPHONE AMP: The lossless mp3 player allows you to drive bigger headphones . The AUX line output allows you to connect the hifi player to another amplifier such as car and home audio system , so that you can enjoy the high resolution lossless music no matter on the way or at home.
SOLID FEEL&LOOK: The main body and buttons of the hifi audio player are aluminum alloy, they are quite finished – pretty solid, so you won’t have to worry about it being fragile.
SD CARD SLOT:The lossless music player supports Micro SD card, currently up to 128GB. It is large enough to hold your entire music library.
STRONG BATTERY LIFE:The hi res mp3 player can play DSD audios for continuing 20 hours, Flac music for 35 hours, mp3 music for 50 hours.

Bassplay P3000 hifi music player has outstanding performance when playing DSD files as well as Hi-Res files up to 64bit / 192kHz. Double output with DAC& gives this lossless mp3 player a clear and brilliant sound in all circumstances.
This DAP has recovered all the benefits of the previous hi res music player models and has been added all the features needed to be a modern portable audio player. The hifi mp3 player is designed to be the ultimate HiFi solution for even the most demanding Hi-Res enthusiast.


Naruto San says:

I don’t know if I can trust these made in China MP3 players. People always complain that the battery life is either crappy or that it died in less than 3 months. This is why I wish they hadn’t discontinued the Sansa Clip Plus that device was so good and I’ve never even tried the Rockbox software many people install on it. It’s very small and light weight, kind of looks like a beeper lol. I like the simple gui it had and all the buttons on the device had a good tactile feeling and were intuitive to use. The clip was pretty strong and nice device to use while doing chores or exercise. I always used the radio which picked up a lot of stations and had good clean sound. I would often record old Casey Kasem aired recordings from my local Oldies Station on it, the files produced were very small, not much memory was used to record. The device had no weaknesses really, only thing it needed for improvement was bluetooth. But instead of this we have newer crappier version known as the Clip Jam. No one makes quality affordable players. All we have now is made in China cheap junk or really expensive hi-res players. I don’t even think they make the Fiio M3 anymore, that thing used to sell for $50 on Ebay and it seemed like it’d be worth buying.

TechnicolorSprite says:

Does this have radio and record function?

asdon samosir says:

Great video as always!!! Upload all the times without tired and very informative.should get more subs.come on guys let’s subs this channel

Naruto San says:

It would be better if the scrolling mechanism resembled the jog dial on the Dell Jukebox.

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