Nintendo MP3 Player – Mini Review – GBA/DS Lite Compatible Music Cartridge

A quick look at the official Nintendo MP3 player for GBA and DS. I found this cool little first-party peripheral for only 98p in my local HMV’s pre-owned section. I’d never seen one of these before so thought I’d make a quick video about it.

The box says it’s only compatible with DS, DSL and GBA Micro but it seems to work fine on my GBA SP with no problems. Sadly it doesn’t appear to be compatible with SDHC crads so you are limited to using the older SD cards with a max capacity of 2GB.

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Power Glove is the band

metalrob169 says:

Would one of these work in an North American GBA-SP?

Marije Hammel says:

I bought this thing for 20 bucks, and after years and years it still works. It even has extra sound drivers and stuff to make it play. Has great bass support if you use good headphones. I love it. So much. Still using it if I want to use my phone for other things than music.

Leon Churchill says:

Why are these so hard to find?

The 80's Kid says:

You like Power Glove too!!!!

Randumbness says:

I KNEW THIS EXISTED. IM NOT A LOON AND THIS WASNT A DREAM. I was sure this thing existed but I didn’t know where I saw it from and hey here it is

BeeJayFL says:

I got one for free today from a friend of mine, together with a boxed Gameboy Color

riseandfall420 says:

3:57 far cry 3 blood dragon soundtrack

diarykeeper says:

Ah, so its a lokalized version of a Play-Yan.

dat boi says:

If nintendo made a decent phone out of the ds (With android) I would so buy it

NotRealHowTos says:

Does it mute the speaker on the GBA/DS if you plug in headphones into the 3.5mm on the cartridge?

Dan de Papel says:

wow, es la gba edicion limitada

The Real Drunkard Hu says:

That’s rad.

Matthew Matthew says:
c0d3r3d // cleanycloth says:

‘Tis quite nice, but since I’ve got a R4 card for my DS I won’t be needing one any time soon.
Although, it’s interesting that it can play MP3s with, I assume, its built in sound chip.

lone wolf says:

Can the 3ds play movies?

Varakorn JITNGAMPLANG says:

Whats the music that was played by your gameboy?

code beat says:


ACG says:

Dude, the GBA SP doesn’t have a headphone jack

Ciprian Mogosanu says:

any chance to use this as a flash cart?

Diego Neri says:

where can I get one of these? *n*

Ismael Matos says:

that kind of things are very rare on online stores, in Japan they callit “Pla-Yan”

Helmy Patria says:

Nicer !

animeman1000 says:

Turtles? Sir those are Koopas. For shame.

gammaphonic says:

I remember buying one of these back in the day. I always wondered if there was a way to make it play video like the japanese version, it’s hard to find any info about it on the net.

Mini-anthrax says:


Jarod Skaff says:

2 gigabytes of music! I can’t even think of enough sound tracks to fill 50 megabytes. You have to give them major credit for 2 gigabyte music. I bet 2 gigs could hold 2 hours of 192kbps songs. And my highest quality of songs is 128kbps at best.

Ted B. Smith says:

I remember wanting this with a Micro back in the day. Until the iPod Nano came out.

BlindEye says:

I wonder if it could be possible to turn it into a flashcard. I mean it has a SD reader so I guess we can work something out with that

Jared Armbruster says:

This does seem like a cool idea, but the 3DS already plays MP3 music files natively. All you have to do is put the music onto an SD Card. Bear in mind that the SD Card needs to be formatted in FAT32, if it isn’t the one you’re already using in your 3DS.

David Robles says:

dude, your classic NES edition has the ags 101 display? NICE!…so lucky

LegoRJ35 says:

I want this speaker

jeffy jeffy says:

why dont you tell us that you arent from the us

Felipe Muñoz says:

hello! the SD Card was included in the Nintendo MP3 player? TY

SPK says:

Great, I might try to find one some day. 😀

Myra Campbell says:

Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive watch something like this before. So good to seek out somebody with some authentic thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for starting this up. this video is something thats wanted on the net, someone with a little originality. useful job for bringing one thing new to the internet!

nickallenray says:

No way you listen to power glove too!!! That’s awesome 😀 Love this channel so much!

soccerojdoj says:

Awww, only 2 gb of storage data? Poor baby… My Gameboy Advance MP3 player only plays up to 64 MegaBytes of data!!

DLMA 71 says:

1.- How is the Bass?
2.- Can you close the GBA SP and will it still play?
3.- How long does the battery last?

BrainSeepsOut says:

Cool piece of tech, maybe a bit pointless.

SapphFire says:

What was that on the 3ds?

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