MP3 music player board REVIEW

Low cost MP3 file player I bought from for $2.69
Let’s see if it is any good!


Luis Bulek says:

Snickers <3

Aurthor Thing says:

I’m still amazed at the amount these things can do for under $3.

Pete VanDemark says:

Is the line-out a stereo output by any chance? If not, do you think it might be possible to tap the other channel from the chip? What chip number is it. I didn’t catch it from the video. Thanks.

1este11 says:

hi john, can you do a bluetooth module test, comparing the output signal quality over the input.,

Steve Smith says:

When the Roman Emperor gave the thumbs sideways sign it meant down .

jp040759 says:

This sounds like I could use this for a sound track for DIY Halloween props, as far as MP3 player capability goes. I would add external amp of course. So it plays audio track upon power up?

Silver Legend says:

Centimetres! – shame on you!

indopleaser says:

what a cool board. they make a board for everything. a portable boom box could sound fantastic these days. bigdwiz did a amp board shootout and used this cool voltage amplifier to crank it to like 24v from a 12v battery. a fun project to test your box building skills, ergonomics, durability, and so on. make it with exactly the features needed.

Anis G says:

i am American and i use cm , Insta Like for that <3

MrBrymstond says:

+JohnAudioTech I purchased a couple of these without realizing they made left channel only… Can we solder wires from the chip to make the right channel work? Thanks.

Pha Q says:

Most of the music I enjoy makes use of the stereo separation. This mono amp stuff is making me very sad…

Luis Bulek says:

Like to this video, unlike to not stereo board.

john wilks says:

Glad that Snickers put in an appearance

Paul N. JAPP says:

I have one similar to this board. I use it as a background music system with about 4 days or so worth of continuous playtime. The issue with mine that it seems to be unable to process more than 1000 files (my estimation). I encoded the albums as long MP3 files to reduce the number of files.

Barney Miller says:

Nice job john

D twist Rewind says:

Hi John great channel. I brought 10 of these when they were £2 on Amazon, they run for a long time on one 18650 but don’t put larger speakers on it as the small chip by the speaker block gets red hot and burns out, but if you don’t ask too much from it it performs well, I’ve used many as a preamp/input out to another xmini amp and both devices power from one 18650 and make a rather good internal kit for a portable speaker. The one thing I really wish it had was a folder search option for file access.

Ron S says:

Hi John, thank you for the review of our USB/MicroUSB MP3 player.

Where this module shines is in using it as a “preamp” and connecting its stereo output jack to an audio amplifier module such as a PAM8403 or PAM8610. Just a few dollars for the two boards gives you a system capable of driving a stereo pair of speakers that can play your MP3 files from a USB or MicroSD (TF Card).


Envistia Mall

PirateKitty says:

You lost my interest when you said, left channel only.

Brian Ksiazek says:

It WAS your water!

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