Miniclip mp3 player review

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Miniclip mp3 player review

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Computer Case: Cooler Master N200

Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SuperSC ACX 2.0+

Processor: Intel Core i5-4590

Ram: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit

Power Supply: EVGA 500W 80PLUS Certified

Wifi Adapter: Edimax EW-7811Un

Motherboard: Gigabyte H97 Extreme Multi Graphics Support UEFI

Storage: WD Blue

SSD: OCZ Trion 150

Best $60 Android phone: . is now back up!


Gilang Maulana says:

i just bought mine yesterday, but when i listening a song and then i turn it off, it doesn’t continue the song and i need to start over and find the song. so any suggestions? please help me?

Random Stuff says:

hi how do u know when its fully charged? all i see is the red light?

Princess Grace says:

Hi i have that type here but when i turn it on, theres no red light ., then i put an sd card with 16gb its not workin.

Cressy Candycat says:

Does anybody know how to transfer music to this from my mac? It won’t read it as a device! D:

Oda Soto says:

Thanks, you gave me the best explination! In Vietnam they are less than a dolar too

Samsung Geek says:

takes 2 hours to charge and lasts me 8 hours total . sound quality is rlly good and volume is fairly good . if yours comes with headphones I recommend you use different ones because the givin ones are trash :/

Murker666 says:

I have a question, if I will press previous song on the first song, will i skip to the last song? I know this can sound weird, but answer i very important for me. 🙂

Sam. S says:

Nice ..can you plz tell while charging in off mode whats the light indication while charging and fully charged whats the light indication? ….thanks and cheers

Leeya .G says:


renanthera rahmadwiningtyas says:

so he said that there isnt shuffle feature? oh, i really regret it.

Mike Collaguazo says:

How do you know if its completely charged ?

Blahblox Gyuanox says:

I am positive surprise of quality and volume strong of sound in these mini clip mp3.Of course i throw to trash included “headphones” and use my best ones.The sound is little dark soft,bass is strong,volume incredible high.Charge time is approx.3h. and play time 6h {50% vol.} but you can use powerbank. 8) Inside is one chip “GPD2806A”,who hawe DAC,Amp,mp3 decoder,mSD ,FM radio(version with LCD).
Recomend eweryone BUY and TEST !.

BuNdAy V says:

Thanks for your vid… been searching if the device should be ON or OFF when charging.. tried charging it for more than 6 hours while its ON but ddnt work… haha.. So thanks to you.. ;))))

Mijat Mijajlovic says:

How long you charge it

martin gilmou says:

69 pens on ebay free postags

fea hhh says:

It only cost $1 on taobao

Speaker Sex says:

no one mentions that its a rip off of the apple i pod shuffle 2G

Syazani Aznee says:

Guys, how do I know whether the battery is completely charged or low?

Richard Kim says:

I have one but it is gold and only 5 bucks on ebay.

TrapShot .Yaseen says:

Just charge it for 2 hours a day and dont charge it until it shows low battery. I’ve got a red and white one and it works just fine.

Frosted Penguin says:

Thanks great review!

Batmax 2.0 says:

ur ugly but nice vid

Takami Chika says:

I was thinking why it doesn’t work omg


Your ugly

jarell rabbanni says:

thanks man

Arya Singh says:

hey bro it is good mp3 player.

tech geek873 says:

It’s not a micro usb but a mini usb

Striker0081 says:

I have it u said the most stupidest stuff everfirst of all u dont have to spamthe skip it takes like 1 minute idiot stupido

Aloite Shuee says:

How Long need to charge? how to I know battery is full?
and If you charge only in laptop ?

Party Pig says:

Wow I’ve Had The version 1.2 For Forever And It Never Worked, Reason Being I Didn’t Charge It Thanks For Telling Me

Anime and Cartoons says:

mine has an lcd screen and mine shuffles and it can hold up to 32gb and i only got it for £1.70 on ebay

Nicolas Olivares says:

I buy one and not power , load and nothing happens . Do you know if someone has been the same ?

LPS tiny TV says:

I bought mine for about $15 for everything at my local post office and the SD card was 8gigs! I would much rather pay for that than pay for a 2gig iPod shuffle for $49

Thomas Stansbury says:

mine not charging with the red light when it turn off

Nah ItsRenee says:

The reason the podcasts take a long time fo find is cause it’s in alphabetical order on the player or any device of that matter. Put a number in front of it ir any first few letters of the Alphabet to solve this 😀

niko L1DI1 says:

Have you a notice ?

I want to know how charge ? Can i stay off or ON when I plug the usb on sector the red led flash but the red led never end and i don’t know when the mp3 player is completely charge ?
How to know when the battery is full charge ? Can you explain me or say me where i can find a notice to use the player ?

superqix says:

Awesome, dude.

Tonvic says:

he so fresh

bigmantv cricket says:

I brought like 5 of them and it works 2 days then it doesn’t

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