Mini Clip Mp3 player from

This video is about 8 colors Mini Clip Mp3 player with earphones+usb cables+retail box support Micro SD TF card(1-32GB) Sport Mp3 Metal mp3

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Dekonazi Mate says:

Take cd card in telephone download music and take in this player maaaaaan!

Sophie Stovell says:

Mine is the same model but I don’t have the charge port or SD card port and I also have a shuffle button and a loop button and an on/off switch next to the headphone port

KH says:

Bought it and received it a few days ago, although it’s cheap as fuck, I still don’t recommend it, the S/N ratio is too low, background noise is noticeable even when u playing music, just save money for better device.

Happy Okey says:

when i turned on, it has no light. i have charged for 2 hours. what i have to do?

Muhammad Naim says:


AdrianMC2002 says:

Looks like a ripoff iPod Shuffle 2nd gen.

Arlan Stinson says:

I have one question, and I hope it doesn’t sound stupid. I am considering getting several of these for a project, but it relies entirely on the answer, so I appreciate a helpful response. When you turn it on, with it fully charged and an sd cards with music is inserted, will it play automatically, or do have to press play? Thanks.

Botte Jordan says:

why my mp3 dont gives sound

prakash rakhasiya says:

How to use otd in ipod ….???

jerry godin says:

its dosent work at all we bought ours
its just junk dont waste your 3$ lol

Jo Elaine Jepson says:

n nmjhjmgnhjmnh

Azfar Tirmizi says:

HELP PLS !!! my computer wont show that there’s a device plugged in.

Joe Northstar says:

I bought one but when I turn it on there is no red light. I charge it and turn it on but still no red light.

Jitendra Kumar says:

Kitne k hai Bhai yeh

Dillon Thomas says:

i want to know if you can do this with no SD card

Vijaysoni Soni says:


Daniel du Prie says:

I bought one of these a couple of years ago for about $4.00 but was pretty disappointed. The audio quality was terrible. I just bought another for $1.00 inc. postage to see if there had been any improvements and lo & behold, I guess the cost of good DACs has come right down because the quality is now remarkably good. The only thing is that there’s a fair bit of background hiss, so quiet music wouldn’t work well but as for pop and rock these sound awesome for $1.

Petrus Emanuel Mihai says:

Hi how can i transfer music of computer in mp3 ? i have mini clip mp3 but i not know how copy music in with usb cable ?

Naadia Shain says:

Hi, can you show us how to download music in that.

Kashan Ahmed says:

His charging time

Emma ALI says:

Some of the mp3 files doesn’t work. What do I do

Steven s says:

This is ideal for exercise or jogging sessions – like a minimalistic iPod Nano or Shuffle. The only problem? Apple killed off the Nano and Shuffle because of painfully weak sales. (Oh, there’s another problem: how do you load content on your device?

Rachel Whiteley says:

just wondering can I shuffle? that is a feature I am after thanks

mohamed osman says:

Ok, for anyone that’s confused – You need an sd card for it to work. You can add songs to it by connecting the usb cable from mp3 player to a laptop/computer then drag the music file to the mp3. You can get music files (basically just music) from a youtube to mp3 converter. thanks

randy heetai says:

i put mp3 files on my micro sd card but it doesnt play on the mp3 player x.x

sabya Sharma says:

I say to my papa please buy it for me when he was come i use it and I love it

Chim Chim Jiminie says:

How do i know if its charging?I put it earlier and it doesnt light or anything omg

Lavish ke Most app says:


jen marb says:

I can’t charge it

sisii 4752 says:

I can’t seem to open the box…. I’m trying so hard but it won’t open .-. Any help pls? Edit: Nevermind I got it open thanks to my mom

icegirlgamer says:

i have that same one mine is red too

Robert Brunston says:


TOP 10 says:


Yoly Amador says:

so small

Büsra Ceker says:


ALL Trailers says:

It dose not charge

BiLaL says:

Thanks bro

Da Foodie Gurls says:

Hey, I need help! I charged it for about 1hour and it turns on, the red light is there, but when I press on, no song is playing! (I did put songs in the micro SD card I’m not stupid)

aky4aliz says:

I have an MP3 with no sd card WHAT DO I DO

Black Mesa Research Facility says:

how to know if it’s full charged?

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