Microsoft Zune – Best MP3 Player Ever?

Did you you have a zune? Why did you think it failed? Leave some comments below and lets discuss!!!

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herminio nieves says:

I have several Zune devices.including the brown 30 gb.zune yes i still listen to it i have much of my music on them as well as pictures and videos you forgot to mention those features but yes i was very surprised and dissatisfied that they took this product off the marketplace

DKwallCrawler 831 says:

Man I remember when I had my first job when I was 16 and I was working to get an iPod, until a coworker offered to sell me his Zune. I was like uhhh what’s that I want an iPod… I still bought it because I was a dishwasher and I needed my tunes! But I did not regret the decision because I loved it and I stuck with it even when the Zune HD Came out. They were far better than iPods. Even until today I’m anti apple. Haha I would definitely get a Zune phone if they made one!!!!

tyronne caldwell says:

Great device, but bad downloading capabilities, still have mine though

Alejandro Sal says:

I recently unearthed my 120 GB zune and still love it. Best

Siff n Suke n Stuff says:

Meanwhile, Sony was getting by with the Walkman MP3 players.

Char Aznable says:

Yeah, sharing was called “squirting” you would “squirt” a song when sharing (who was in the buzzwords department that day?)
Honestly they came late too the game and MS didn’t push it with their warchest of cash.
Honestly, you can chalk up the Zune to the likes of Betamax and LaserDisc, fascinating formats and media platforms, but eclipsed by consumer demand.

Eisenheim68 says:

Hi, new subscriber reporting!!

Braillynn Rodriguez says:

My aunt and uncle bought me a Zune when I was in high school on sale for about $180. I remember a space shooter game on there that I was obsessed with. I really came to like the songs that were included on the device and loved watching music videos on it. Yeah putting music on it was a hassle but I remember using lime wire to get so much music and getting my aunt and uncles pc and router infected in the process… good times.

Isaac Quipse says:

using the 2nd gen to this day

Brian Jr Spero says:

Didn’t know what a Zune even was til GAURDIANS 2.

siasti says:

It looks cool but what about software issues? My Windows XP computer was always breaking down…

robert sanchez says:

hey what the name of the music at 0:25 first do you own it can you to mp3 share if is yes.

Shatrudhan Palsaniya says:

Guys i facing a problem of syncing songs,,as it is old version now I did not getting syncing..please help me it version is zune to update it because device is not getting update. Showing an error like CD11…

Deven Jenkins says:

Zune was cool because you could cheat. I never paid for music you could get like 3 months for free or something when you signed up. So I would sign up and create a new account when it was over and it worked every. Then you had LimeWire and Aries I remember having the whole Star Wars trilogy on my Zune. It had a ton of space I loved it. I remember in 2008 when I was doing my internship I will go to this park they had a lake lay across the park bench and just zone out listening to music on my Zune…. fun times…

zack says:

Sansa and creative zen were for me. iPods sucked for me because it wants you to sync all the time. I have a smartphone but still listen to podcasts on a sansa player because I need my phone for phone calls and Pokemon Go

OTG_EnVivo says:

Question? So I want to buy a used Zune off amazon. Does it have to come with cdrom to use? Cant I just drag and drop files?

Jon Alaniz says:

The marketplace and XNA games features were not available at time of release, but added in subsequent software updates. That and the interface it came with was a bit different at launch as well.

BenJamin Premiere says:

I bought one when I was 17 in 2007 and absolutely loved everything about it. My friends had ipods but I loved my Zune better. I actually loved the software because I listened to super rare albums and the Zune software recognized all of the albums. In 2011 my boyfriend bought me an ipod touch, which was supposedly the best thing out there, but the software sucked and it didn’t recognize half of my albums so I had to hand type in the album name and song titles. It was so annoying. I hated that ipod compared to my Zune. I have an iphone as well but I still say the Zune was best. If people gave the Zune a fair chance and weren’t so stupid over ‘latest trends’ I feel it would have been successful.

Steve Galloway says:

I have another mp3 from the same era and can’t seem to find any info. It’s called the RocDigital Rocbox

zack says:

Now that iTunes sucks a podcatcher, I wish zune market still existed. Lots of streaming apps but I have not found anything other than iTunes that still exists that downloads my podcasts to a windows file so I can drag and drop them to my sansa player

FireWater1973 says:

Still using the first gen zune to this day

Bob Mackey says:

The Zune is just Awesome!! I think you should definitely do a video on the Zune HD. Their is not enough Zune videos on Youtube…. Thanks for showing the magnet trick on the headphones didnt know they could do that.

Bug Honey says:

I like my music players having buttons, so that I can opperate it without looking at it.

donald paxton says:

I still have mine perfect condition…tons of music…just need a battery….120gb

dadat30 says:

Zune HD 64g user here! Still rocking it.

KAndre2009 says:

I have a zune hd that still works to this day…. Wonder if you decided to pick one up yet, only suggestion is by one used because fresh out the box the software update is non existent

Shawn Burton says:

For the time when I bought this in early 2007, I actually preferred this over the iPod because the screen seemed much better. Too bad Microsoft never really succeeded it the market for mobile devices although they seem to be doing excellent in the desktop PC market.

Guy FawkesJLT says:

Windows phone 7 sync up with zune software and I’m still using my zune 120GB

Gary Hylton says:

Microsoft really didn’t do any PR for the Zune.

Ryan Mickels says:

Microsoft just came out with the worst names. The name Zune killed it for me. No way I was going to walk around with a product named ‘zune’. Same reason I don’t ‘bing’ anything. That said, I still love mp3 players. When the internet goes down and the zombies come, I’m still going to have music while everyone will be crying about not being able to access their spotify playlist!

Jason Jennings says:

Still got the white 1st gen and use it for burning in my headphones and iem’s.

Heretic Hunter says:

Can’t believe you said the exact same thing I did before watching the video. That God damned software! I couldn’t find ANY hacks for it, even though I had an iPod Photo that I had successfully installed Rockbox to. Rockbox was incredible for a number of reasons, but the simplest, easiest reason was it allowed iPod users to just Drag/Drop mp3s into the device. No iTunes, no bullshit. Even though I couldn’t seem to cut through the Zune’s BS, it was still the greatest experience. I miss my Zune. I had the White One (30GB),

Chance Collins says:

Ahh… the days of the Zune. I remember my 1st Zune being the red 30gb model, i got for Christmas 2007, when i was in 8th grade. It those days, MP3 Players were small, and usually black, white, or some shade of gray. There were some exceptions, but that was the main spectrum. So, imagine walking into middle school with a bright red, huge screen brick. It certainly turned heads. I used it up until my junior year, when it got stolen. But yeah, i certainly enjoyed it. I remember downloading some videos using a software that was able to download videos straight from YouTube, a convert them to .wmv, to which i downloaded straight to my Zune. The screen was perfect for video, and i utilized it.

 I believe, even to this day, that it was far superior to the iPod. The reason it failed, was to due the lack of 3rd, and even 1st party support. Back in 2007-08, how many ads did you see on TV for Apple products? Countless, sometimes back to back. And how many Zune ads did you see? I recall only ever seeing 1. And the accessory department was bare. Maybe a case here and there, but nothing like what was being made for the iPod. I think that was what killed the Zune.

As for Zune phones, Windows Phone 7 was technically the “Zune Phone”. My 1st smartphone, the LG Quantum, had a music app that was called, Zune. In fact, the Zune software was the only to sync media files to those early Windows Phone. Eventually, WP8 dropped Zune all together, and be came Xbox Music (or something like that), instead. After that, i got my Samsung Galaxy S3, and that’s the end of Mobile Microsoft products for me.

I recently purchased a Zune HD for the lols, as they’re pretty cheap on Ebay. I got a like new 16gb Zune HD for about $60, for the nostalgia. While i miss Zune, and Windows Phone, i happy with Android. Zune is a curious piece of tech history that i’m to have been apart of.

jeremebp says:

I still use my 16gb Zune HD. It was a pain in the butt getting the discontinued apps and games on it, but would like to see you do a video about it.

finallychurro says:

Tell me why I just found my Zune today and this video was in my recommendation. I haven’t seen my Zune since 2007 lol. This thing still has my old music which is crazy.

Javier Burke says:

Still using my ZuneHD. It’s small, pocket friendly, great SQ, and saves the battery life on my smartphone.

Also have wireless sync working which I use all the time, pinning albums is still a great feature as is showing what’s NEW right on the main screen.

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