FiiO X1 Lossless Music Player Review

After trying several players, I’ve decided to review the FiiO X1! Is it any good? Let’s find out.

FiiO X1 High Resolution Digital Lossless Media Player (Silver)


Richard brantley says:

Something every review is missing and you *almost* got there. What does browsing the library look like? Specifically if you drill down from Artist -> Album, do album and track names get truncated?

Classical albums are particularly problematic, when you see five tracks all named “Mahler: Symphony #2 ‘Resurr” or something like that. So far I’ve only seen one music player app (Picky, for iOS) that wraps long titles around so they can actually be read. Does the X1 do that, or does it just show one short line and truncate?

Cassettiquette says:

great review. my iPod classic 80 GB is not syncing at all. I’ve had it for over 10 years and it saddens me that it’s not working properly now. not going to lie, i probably could work on it but I’m so sick of dealing with this garbage every time iTunes wants to update. i think i’ll be trying out the fiio x1 and see if it’s a good fit so i can finally move on!

Nate Ellis says:

I need something that will play WAV files off a USB Drive. : ) this has a USB DAC does that mean it will do that?

Lasher Andrew says:

Kamelot lml
Nice music taste.
Great review. What do you think about the model that comes with bluetooth? And which model does have bluetooth? That part was a bit confusing.

Katashi Jaime says:

You should check some of the agptek mp3 players on Amazon. (30 bucks )

Jacko Ludvich says:

Kamelot? Nice dude.

Ken H says:

so many people are into all these cheap chinese stuff. buy sony, a bit more expensive but 5 times better quality, and lasts much longer.

tisoihardcore says:

x1 1st gen or fiio m3?

D.A.C says:

can you upload more videos mabe some gaming plz

Constellar Diamond says:

Subbed for Trump meme

bae says:

One of the best reviews I’ve seen on YouTube. Thank you, really informative and clear.

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