FiiO M3K Hi-RES portable audio player REVIEW – WAV/MP3/FLAC/DSD

FiiO M3K Hi-RES portable audio player REVIEW – WAV/MP3/FLAC/DSD

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speaker zedan says:

How is the sound quality. N wat earphones r u using bro

Mira Singh says:

Headphone are there in the box or we have to buy xtra??

Senthil Ganesh says:

Does it seem rugged enough to be taken out for running?

Mira Singh says:

Headphones are there or not???

zeptez2000 says:

Hi I want to get away from iTunes will this play my iTunes aac files?

gaklimited says:

No fm…

drzefkovitsh says:

I wonder how M3K compares to Shanling M1…

Saurabh Kumar says:

Howz the bass output
i am a bass lover guy..can you help

Max Isenberg says:

how does this compare to the x1 gen 2?

Churro daddy says:

What’s the maximum amount of songs it can hold? I saw a review on amazon that it only read about 2,000 songs . I want this so I can put my 40,000 songs on it but I want to make sure first

hippie shake says:

Nice review. My portable rig is the fiio 5 3rd gen dap stacked the fiio A5 amp what I mainly use with the audioquest nightowl carbon headphones, I like fiio audio products and they have a great after sales suoport.

Luis P. says:

makaitechreviews. I have seen 3 categories for cuality audio; SQ HR and DSD. For a song to be HR in this fiio m3k, does it have to be 24 bit/44 khz or at least 24 bit/96khz. Also for the category of SQ; mp3 320 kbps or 16 bit/44.? thank you

makaitechreviews says:

What do you think about the FiiO M3K? Let me know in the comment section. If you have any question just let me know and will try to answer. 🙂

flueras mihai says:

i have a question: if i play a song from the card and turn off the player when i turn it on it plays from where i was listening the last song?

Marco Cappelli says:

Is it possible to navigate on the directory of the storage card?

Carlo Carnevali says:

What’s the difference between DSD and FLAC?

Paul Friedman says:

How can one transfer files from iTunes on an iMac onto this device? My iPod get the entire library transferred automatically. Thank you!

Swapnil Mule says:

Fiio m3k vs fiio x1 2nd gen which one is better?

Jack says:

Hi there, interesting review. Is the device macbook compatible and, similarly, are you able to transfer playlists across? This looks ideal for my needs (gym/exercise), but only if I can actually get music/playlists onto it! Thanks for your help

The Evil Triggers says:

USB type c instead of micro USB would have been better but anyways still really nice player.Can you compare the sound with the x3 iii and shanling m2?

flueras mihai says:

hi all. i just received this mp3. about what i asked i can confirm that it has resume playing. you can sellect in the settings. resume song, resume position or off. so even if you turn off this mp3 it will play where you left it

mapleleafedge says:

My car has a USB interface that syncs with my iPod, that I use to play tunes while I drive. Does this device work using that sort of thing??

emanuel de vos says:

Is there a sort of search function? When you have bad memory like me (remembering a single word of a song) that would be a nice feature…

Ferry Fury says:

I just ordered today same colour with your own , i can’t wait

Kritika Kills says:

Can you watch videos like movies using this mp3?

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