Fiio M3K Audio Player Super Review

What if in the future, everyone has MP3 players? Welcome to my future. The Fiio M3K digital audio player is an affordable alternative to more expensive “entry-level” DAPs from Sony and others. But can $70 really get you into lossless audio, or is it too good to be true?

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Raviraj Pawar says:

In a 17 minutes video he talked about sound quality for barely a minute..
That’s a bummer..
And yes, I too want to see a comparo between this and the shanling m0

Super* Review says:

Oh if you’re interested in chatting with us nerds about audio stuff, I opened up a Discord server. It’s pretty chill, let’s keep it that way ✌️

倪子宸 says:

Love your review very much !
But actually, it was mainly designed for students. Considering that point, the sound quality is already too good for a 70 bucks DAP, though Sony a45 has a little bit clearer performance at bass. It does have many places that could do better, like the pause button LOL. Hope it also sells in Taiwan, or it will be hard for me to buy things on Amazon.

Gregory Germain says:

Your reviews are great. I’m looking for a DAP in this price range, and still considering what to do. One thing I didn’t like about the FIIO is that there was no option to make the headphone jack operate as a line out for hooking into audio equipment or an amp (when using as a dac for example).

I’d really like to hear a comparison with the Shanling M0, especially in sound quality. It’s about $30 more, but I think it has a line out option and bluetooth (which I don’t care about either, unless there is some way to send files to the SD card over bluetooth rather than removing the card or plugging the usb into the computer). And it has a touchscreen – not sure if that’s better or not. But for some reason I have a feeling that the sound quality is better on the FIIO. Would love to hear opinions comparing the two, and whether there is a way to send files over the bluetooth connection on the Shanling. Wifi would be very useful for sending music files, but the players with wifi are more $$. Not sure if it’s worth saving up for a better one.

B H says:

Just bought this on amazon looks good

Kopi O Kaya says:

From my past experience with FiiO, they are never good at updating or fixing bugs in their firmwares. Until today, the problems in my X5III are still not fix. And yes, I have the M3K too. I am using this more now.

Marcel Bruinsma says:

Better spend more and buy that Sony. It has a well thought through design and is snappy and user friendly.
I also have the Hiby R3 and R6 and the Fiio M7 and the Sony is at least at the level of the M7 and the R3.

Randy Arbuya says:

Awsome dude was looking for this product and see if it performs well

yorusuyasoulYT says:

here just usin my cheap chinese zishan dap lol

Super* Review says:

I made some suggestions to Fiio on their support forum to make the M3K better, at least for me. If you agree, maybe we can bump the thread and get them to improve the firmware.

Ryan Tantrum says:

may I know what website you used to download music?

Mohd Razali says:

Thats why i dont buy have no gain on it…Hiby R3 the best ever DAP

Brian Wechtenhiser says:

$70 vs $220. “Twice as much.” Math is hard. 🙂

Dalton O'Neill says:

I still use my iPod nano 4th gen I don’t own any lossless Hifi audio

Yuva R says:

can it shuffle through all the songs in one click ? like, “shuffle all” or something ?

255 Sol says:

To skip tracks on this device, you need to hold the volume up/down button for more then one second (WITH THE SCREEN OFF) and it works. (Or your blow your ears with any regular iems)


Alien says:

There are 2TB MicroSD Cards, however, they’re still virtually unknown and have not been released for the average consumer,…YET!

P.S… I Use a SONY NW45 with included DAC, but the cost of a Sony NW45 is £130.00 if you’re lucky, some charge near £200, though I do need to buy an HI-RES Audio headphones, otherwise, You’ll never really hear the benefit from the sound if you’re not paired with a great headset.

Cole Fellner says:

Hey brother thanks for the videos! Was wondering for a user like me who uses tidal on a iPhone XS with a dongle and a Porta pro…. am I benefiting at all going with a digital player regarding quality?

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