FiiO M3 Review – Best DAP Under $100?

FiiO M3 review covers everything from design & features to sound quality [Links Below]

Best Price for FiiO M3
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If you’re interested in a portable music player that you can use to play high quality music files and that’s super affordable, the FiiO M3 is the one to get. Although not perfect, it does a lot of things really well, especially in the sound quality department.

In this review I’ll walk you through the overall design and features as well as describing the sound quality and giving you an overall idea of what you can expect.

Original FiiO M3 Music Player Video Review


legniak1 says:

better sounding than the zune hd?

Chris Notyourbusines says:

i like that you take the review so serious, despite the low price of the product. Way to go!

Ryknex's Channel says:

do I need extra amp with this for ATH M50X?? I can hear low volumes but not obviously very low, any suggestion?

Grizzly Adams says:

Thank you Lance 🙂

Tristan Claude says:

Great review! Thank you!

Rian Estrada says:

What does “DAP” mean?

mayank ahuja says:

U gave an awesome review lance it really helped me a lot but can I know whether it contains an inbuilt speaker or I have to purchase one

Praneet T says:

which one sounds better Apple ipod shuffle or Fiio M3?

SreeK says:

Awesome and helpful review.. Your reviews are always to the point and spot on.. keep it up !!

Pratik Chavan says:

can you review Lotoo PAW 5000

Ajith Antony says:

can i view photos or videos in this player?

Shart Waterway says:

GJ! Shut up and take my money)

Duterte Sempai says:

Does it have fm?

DWPD1963 says:

The sound quality is excellent but when you copy music it doesn’t automatically put the tracks into alphabetical order and searching by albums it doesn’t show the full title on some albums. If this could be fixed with a firmware update it would be perfect.

Hifi Heaven says:

FiiO M3 Review is life. Feel free to like/share if you enjoy! 🙂

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SG says:

does it sound better than the iPhone 6s?

el80ne says:

Hi Lance, is it possible to get better sound out of these by using your own headphones? Or would you say the headphones that it comes with is customized to give it the best sound?

Jammi jam says:

Does it support playlists?

Kubilay Keser says:

do the internal storage and SD card storage merge when viewing your music library? or do you have to go to a separate folder for the SD card?

Jake Duggan says:

Volume? Recommended headphones? OHM capacity?

TheKaylem says:

Does it have 3g or 4g.?

keshav sharma says:

does it have bluetooth ?

Ernest Noeline says:

Does it support Bluetooth? thanks

everyday survival gear says:

Hey mate great review thanks!

I am wondering how this compares to a walkman E series the E series doesn’t play Flac but in sound quality wise i am wondering if they are comparable? I have the had last 5 generations of walkmans. I am eyeing out an A series also i cant decide and the price gap is big between this and the A series.

The Golden Nugget says:

loving the retro review

keep up the work man

Sohom Dan says:

Does the Fiio K1 works with Fiio M3?

phanikumar vempati says:

nice detailed review. i got a question. i used sony basic mp3 player NWZ-B153F for 5 years (that looks like capsule). 3D sounds (binaural or holophonic) sounds sounded awesome in my sony player with sennheiser 275s cx ear buds. now my player’s battery died and sony company not interested to replace it as model is old. can you test a 3D holophonic sound on FiiO and tell me if it sounds good ? i am ready to buy FiiO M3 then.

Dinesh P says:

Which is better x1 or m3.i most listen to mp3 360kbps and sometimes flac

e. det says:

can u recommend a cheap and good dap…i really want to buy.

Arriaga Two says:

“Fio” means “gay” here in my country.

jan williams says:

how can I unlock the screen

Андрей Андрей says:

классный девайс

Ritesh Hasija says:

does it have better audio quality then apple ipod and basic sony walkman?

Samir Kothari says:

can internal battrey be replaced after total wear out.

Jeffrey Agnes says:

In your opinion, what do you think of xduoo x2 in comparison with FiiO M3?

Gucio says:

Does it automatically play next artist’s albums after the previous artist’s last track ends?

wael well says:

Which do you think has better sound, the “Fiio X1 2nd gen” or the “Sony walkman NWZ A15 ” ? Thanks.

bishopsify says:

Hi, amazing review. I wonder if it has bluetooth?

AnuJ Soni says:

is it better than Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman ?

plzz help 🙂

Jogie Glen Mait says:

can it power mid range headphones?

Armaan Rizvi says:

I wish You reviewed Every single thing in this world,
I love Your technique, You’re thorough, You’re patient, my god, it’s a pleasure watching Your Reviews, Thank You for making These!

Keng Vang says:

Is the music upload better or worst than itunes or zune? Will it snoop on you like your android phone and recommend crap to you? Also will it delete pirated music?

Hank Papritz says:

Super helpful review! I wasn’t sure what this little DAP was all about but now I think I might pick one up. Thanks HiFi Heaven!

Javier Molina says:

I’ll just stick with Sony.

Patrick Keating says:

I wish you had put a flash card into the slot.  The documentation is non-existent so I wasn’t sure which way to orient the card.  Facing one way the card wouldn’t go in at all.  Facing the other way I could get the card in but it wouldn’t stay.  It pops up about an eighth of an inch and doesn’t appear to be held securely in the player.  The card is a SanDisk with an adapter for the large format slots, and the micro card pops in and stays in like it should in the adapter.  It would have been helpful to see someone put the card in the player just to be sure there wasn’t a trick that I was missing.

basava maruthi says:


Kokikoks says:

Does FiiO has playlist-mode?

JonnyInfinite says:

How about a review of the ultra cheap FLAC capable AGPtEK A02?

rajesh kumar says:

i heard m3 but my phone vibe x3 sounds better on my m40x

Jay Shank says:

better than iPod Touch 6G

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