Dansrue Bluetooth Mp3 Player Under $40 2018 Version

Best Bluetooth Mp3 Player Under $40 Dansrue Digital
On Sale: http://geni.us/eSYrIL (amazon)
Vantrue V1: http://geni.us/nKqR (amazon)

In Today’s video we will check out the 2018 version of the Dansrue Bluetooth Mp3 Player. Even comes with Headphones and a carry case! Awesome Christmas gift idea! Cheers

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arnold kokonya says:

I like the MP3 Player. Very impressive.

Manisha Sanga says:

It’s cool

kaylercj says:

I have it and the bluetooth interface is horrible. It’s a pain to search for songs you wanna listen to.

Juan Franco says:

how fast is it to switch from one song to another? is it normal or slower than a smartphone

acquiles 9 says:

That’s a very nice entry. Nice product.
Could you do a video of the CHEERLUX CL760 PROJECTOR with android / wiffi.
It’s the new model launched by cheerlux in market.

Francesco Remoli says:

Can u play music in background?

Polite Channel says:

Nice Job Man

michela consiglio says:

thank you for this video. I ve just got mine from Amazon and I love it! (I had recently cracked ipod screen…) the radio works also very well and it feels solid in my hands.

SimpNDabs says:

Hey g I got a question real quick if you don’t mind, been looking around for a good 720p native portable projector I’m planning on actually living in an old school vanagon for college and instead of tryna fit a TV in there I wanted to get a projector which one do you think would be cool for things like casual gaming that I could just drop and watch real quick without having to refocus all the time? Laser projectors seem like the best bet for me but I’d rather hear from someone who actually knows his shit lol. Cheers ✌️

Arsenis Olympou says:

You “have it”! Keep on recording and good “luck” !

Oz Undone says:

What was your general experience moving music to it? I get daunted by data transfers but other than that fact I’m pretty much sold.

Carolina Manjarrez says:

Thanks for reviewing this…..I’m buying this one 🙂

Irfan Sheikh says:

It’s good to go for gym

technological reinovations says:

nice player.  If I don’t winn this sony and get outbid on it it is used-I will definitely get one of these new or used.

Bryanna Adcock says:

Just bought this for my son for Xmas and was super worried it would as bad as others I bought. You made me feel confident in my purchase!!!

Rafaella Irene says:

can I listen to the FM radio via Bluetooth headphones or doesn’t work??

Movie Expert says:

what is the intro music name

GLG reviews says:

Cool stuff, can also read MP3、WMA、OGG、APE、FLAC、WAV、 AAC-LC …..

Kream_Berry_ Slimez says:

Thanks I just ordered a minute ago and my mum thought it was really big but then I saw this video cause she wanted it to be small!! And NEW SUB

built4speed101 says:

Lip Synch Champion! Lol!!! Cool review brotha!

Enrique Suave says:

Apple music sucks. I lost all my music. I can’t even recovered. All the time I waste load8ng my music.

qazi faisal says:

i just ordered one with the bluetooth function because my song list is getting ridiculous and slowing down my phone

Donnie Wunsch says:

For some reason in the “all songs list” it likes to order them numerically, then alphabetically. This wouldn’t be a problem, IF it for some reason did this for all my album songs as well. In other words, according to my mp3 player, it says I have like 30 songs that start with “01”.
anyone know how to fix this maybe? I really like the design, but by God, was I disappointed :/


The Dansrue player is great, I just got it and love it, but your choice of music sucked, and the sound of that speaker sucked

Winchester Dassault says:

that MP3 works with the Beats wireless headphones?


cool video! and make more video like this! 😀

Евгений Семенистый says:

Hello. This player has this feature – when you turn off remembers the place of the last playback , and when you turn on to continue playing the audiobook from this place?

Sugar says:

I bought that item about 2 weeks ago and the all the sudden my buttons stopped working….i cant go forward or back for songs only the power off or on works nothing else

Reggie Johnson says:

why do those style of mp3 players that look like that have different company branding?

Chocy Bear says:

Anyone know the song at 3:03?

Cheriluz Villanueva says:

man, i wish i could win this thing, I could pair this up with my logitech X50 bluetooth speakers. I can’t buy this here in my country it’s not sold for 40USD, but for more than 100USD which is pretty sick price jump 🙁

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