Cheapest MP3 Player with micro SD Card slot and LCD Review!

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lance archer says:

how can I turn the volume down?

K Drop says:

dont buy it – sucks ! i just got mine on ali-x and its going right into garbage

Kirito6756 says:

how long is the battery life.. i’m planning to buy this? pls reply

Kirito6756 says:

how to charge and how much?

Guilherme souza says:

how i deactivate ” random” ?


I bought this and it’s a pile of shit

Yeet Master 420 69 says:

So how do you use the mic

Prinzzes Bartolome says:

How do i know if it is fullcharge? and the sd card how many gb its supported? thankyou

Pat P says:

you can shuffle the music, while listening to music press the M, go to Rep and select R-R. there, shuffle

The Mayday Channel says:

I won mine for 1.66 CANADIAN DOLLAR! that’s like 1 u.s

Mike Brand says:

i have this one works good but battery life sucks maybe 10 songs and dead had to buy power bank just to use it

jonnyfly69 says:

I pluged mine in to my laptop to charge, got a pc notice and it was use less, right out of the package no fm raido, 6 us dollars you get what you pay for , if I can’t get it to work it will join my black berry under my truck tire, no joke best tires I ever bought.

rausan 20 says:

does it have speaker on it?

Jeenal Sah says:

it show music list

MrJ0mmy says:

for like $2.50usd you can buy this mp3 player and a 256mb sd card and fit about 60 or so songs on it at 128kbps vbr lame mp3 and get like 4 hrs or more battery life not bad for such a cheep price

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