My reviews on the new Borne MP3 player. Hope you got some helpful info. If you want to know anything go ahead and ask in the comments. So far I still haven’t gotten a call back from their customer service. I will try and remember to keep you updated.

Thanks for watching. See you soon 🙂


TaylorMay_Music says:

Because I just got the same one and put it in the folder but it won’t show up on it

Dj Campagiorni says:

I have the same one but mines pink

Lorelai WuzHere says:

I got this today and it seems to only work when plugged but it got plugged for like 2 seconds but for 30$ it’s not really bad if I forget it on the bus or something

suzanne klassen says:

Hi there, I bought the same Borne MP3 player. I just want to use it to listen to my CD’s but my computer doesn’t have a CD drawer. I am all new to this and have no idea how to transfer my CD’s to the MP3 player. I need some basic instructions. Had to laugh when you were describing it because I said the same thing when I picked it up. I told my husband I thought it sounded like something from the Dollar Store! Ha!

A _ Cash says:

im trying to watch videos on it but it keeps saying format error

Big sexy says:

I’m using my old iPhone 5 as a dedicated MP3 player now it’s great but new apps won’t download to it ,but there’s a trick to download older app versions to it. I was able to put Spotify,pandora,YouTube goggle maps etc onto it.

Robbie Peach says:

I own one of these, and I highly recommend buying a set of Apple earbuds. They cost almost as much as the player, but are absolutely worth it it compared to the stock ones that came with the Borne player.

Shawn Carlson says:

I’m from Vancouver bc Canada. I bought the same one from Walmart along Rupert. Just tonight Just under $30. 8gb. I use mine specifically for the music and radio. Keeps my music from being uninterrupted from a cell phone with people calling me. Annoying. Mine works for me well for that usage. I don’t do anything with videos or pictures.

TaylorMay_Music says:

How did you get your music to transfer

Ben Gunn says:

I’m trying to listen to an audiobook with this item, and it seems there is no way to come back to where I was if I shut down the device and come back to it later. Does anyone know of an mp3 player that will allow me to do this? I’m going to return this one to Walmart.

Ken Debono says:

What operating system is this unit compatible with?  Does the packaging list compatible OS’s?  How do you get your music/video content onto the device.  Is it through the USB cable?

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