Best MP3 Players for 2018

Looking for the best MP3 players? Here they are!

We’ve researched 7,000+ buyer reviews to find you the best MP3 Players for 2018.

MP3 Players Reviewed In This Video:

Apple iPod Touch
Zune HD
Sony Walkman NWZA17SLV
Astell&Kern AK Jr
FiiO X1
AudioFlood iPod SHuffle
Pono NY001BB


Sinners Speed says:

“Best mp3 players for 2018” uploaded on January of 2017…

梁梓源 says:

zune was died

Wayne 1218 says:


Tom Lander says:

The best music players of 2010.

Javier B says:

You people are obsessed with Apple, and It is not so amazing for the high prices that It cost

iamcodrew says:

This was made January of last year. Stop changing the title you lazy fuck.

Marco Toselli says:

Zune? What year is this?

Brett H says:

Ipod?, zune?… wtf is this guy on???.. what about cowon or shanling? these are better then that stupid apple crap… anyway, i got a

DoomGhoul says:

The fucking ipod is shit. No damn micro sd slot. Proprietary chargers. Too expensive compared to alternatives.

It's MSK! says:

iPod is shity(bud you can still have songs and videos on your iPod that you didnt buy over iTunes)I know because I did that on my iPhone 5s

Louis Londono says:

The moment he got to the pono player i burst out laughing it’s terrible i thought the “great gift for teens” was a bit incorrect but pono is awful. Go see Linus tech tips review for it is you want a laugh or you happen to think it’s a good product.

samuel mckelle says:

how do you set the clock

Crinosis says:

iPod might the best when not compared against SONY NW-WM1Z, I know you love Apple but come on.

Kier Collins says:

Apple is crap. No SD card slot, no freedom no life. Soulless dead company.

Glover Sasby says:

What about UnisCom Mp3 player?


The Zune HD was sexy….it’s a shame it didn’t catch on to the mainstream. Zune HD had audiophile sound quality that in 2017 still has not been surpassed by any music player. People are not educated on how HI-FI and premium the sound quality was on the Zune HD along with it’s brilliant OLED screen. The build quality was solid as a rock as well.

Michael Mitchell says:

What a load of crap. These are just basic players and not high end at all. Just one thing your find the Sony MP3 will kick the crap out of iPod for sound. This review of the best is nothing to do with how they sound. A good MP3 player will cost you £500 upwards and then the same the headphones then you will have a real sound system in the pocket. Crap review of basic players.

Vamsi Krishna says:

Bullshit ipod is waste crap

Stephan Regnier says:

Fuck iPod,Walkman is allot better quality.

The Darci 13 says:

Seriously????? Zune was discontinued…….

nick moore says:

Apple !! are you joking! you should include a COWAN”” forget the rest”

ace alex says:

I watched 10 seconds of this video and here is my comment. No. Ipod is not the best mp3 player. no need to watch the rest of this.Next.

jukumari iramuri says:

so outdated nobody uses mp3 players. now days all about high res audio players.

Typicalgamerelite - Gaming says:

I’m watching with a iPod Touch lol

fantastic Goh says:

The only thing their need to upgrade is Bluetooth

Rosalinda Chapman says:

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Eduardo Alves de Souza says:


KineticUncertainty says:

I cant take this video serious when they say without a doubt apple is the best. Good grief

Светлана Яковалева says:

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Chris Beer says:

Just a Pro tip if you’re going to read the entire text out loud you don’t need to put it up in the video for us to read along with. Use that screen space for stats or specs something

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