Best Budget MP3 Players for Kids 2018

Looking for a good MP3 player for your kids or for running outside? Here’s a look at a few from the top sellers list which I purchased for the purpose of this review. Here’s a link to the products as well as a full review of them:
Sandisk Clip MP3 Player:
wiwoo 16GB Portable MP3:
Hotechs MP3:
More sources:


NCS bro says:

Ha ha Redmond u buy your kids a iPhone 7 or 8 or x and they don’t have headphone jack at all mp3 players suck in the modern world they deserved to get a Samsung or a iphone instead of shouting. It is lame. The iPhone 8 has a 12mp camra wireless charging and no cheap crapy headphones the iPhone 8 has the best a11 chip it makes it fast the iPhone 7 still has a 12mp camra it has a a10 fusion chip.

Rolfathan says:

I saw someone do some tests with that Sandisk player, and it could output better/clearer/cleaner/more accurate audio than the ipod classic. Those other ones sound worse than most cellphones.
The thing that RUINS sandisk for me is that the newer models have no lock button. So I throw them in my pocket, go to listen to my music and discover it’s dead already because it turned on in my pocket. So sad, the older models did not do that.

[Insert name here] says:

Lol im 16….dont own a phone, tablet, console or a pc….I use my mums phone and steals neighbours wifi for Living XD

cee128d says:

I basically agree with you on this. Kids of that age do not need an everyday cell phone. I can see having one available for specific situations like travelling, but not all day/every day.

I hope that the quality of the San Disk has gotten better as my daughter had 4 or 5 quit working on her a few years ago when they sold the Sansa model. They worked fine for a few weeks, then started having lot’s of problems and eventually stopped working altogether.

And good to see you back posting videos again.

TopTenGamer says:

Check out the description above for a link to all of these products. Sorry I’ve been out of action for a while but I’m hoping to do more of these in the future.

qazi faisal says:

I have the updated dansrue I use it everyday love it the agpateks suck dansrue 2018 version is awesome I use it because I’m not trying to clog up the memory on my phone and have something lighter.

Egon Spengler says:

5 kids!? Is that really necessary? Five!?!? Why so many. God damn.

AustralianPolarBear DA says:

Thanks! I’ve found this very helpful. I’m looking for a cheap MP3 player for the summer holidays and this has really helped! I have a feeling I’ll go for the Hotechs one but I’m still not sure. Thanks again!

Jack of All says:

Ya i am 22 add i think Childers under 16 should not have cell phone

wetDomino 21 says:

what camera and editing software did you use

am z says:

One thing to add on- (and maybe to add for a future review) would be whether or not there’s a clock feature on each one. I’m trying to decide on an mp3 player as an auxiliary device to having my phone out / wearing a watch, and being able to tell the time has been hard to verify feature for most mp3 devices.
Also testing playtime would be super helpful- maybe a quick timelapse showing which device ran the longest compared against its nominal value.

Konrad konrad says:

Generations are different. Technology is improving everyday.
Smart cars, smartphone, smart homes, loads of stuff.

Thanks for honest review !

Deepti Naik says:

you are a good parent please don’t give cell phones to your children

SaintAlia_of_the_Games says:

That AGPTEK looks like a rebranded Benjie S5 or one of those Benjie players. The audio quality is supposed to be the best thing about it though. I think that too and being able to drive harder to drive headphones. They aren’t marketed to kids, but just as a super low budget audiophile player.

wetDomino 21 says:

i like your channel you seem nice im subbed now please make more vids please

LittleMozart says:


Katie Wagner says:

I was leaning toward the wiwoo for my 7 and 10 year olds. They now have a bluetooth compatible version. What are your thoughts?

Jorn Navarre says:

PRICES are important, list them jeez

Jake CakeMax says:

What about a iPod touch 5? It has MP3, MP4, youtube, apps, and games, it’s a little old but still good

Queens Daily says:

I support your decisions, these phones are getting out of control kids need to cling more to books than phones

Hydreji says:

i Came here for mp3 player not for you to talk crap about smart phones!

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