Benjie S5 Digital Audio Player 8GB Metal (MP3/LOSSLESS) with GREAT BASSHEAD EARBUDS! PART 1

Forgive the noise in the background, my unprepared review and errors, my accent and the shit in here.

I’ll write a detailed review on head-fi as well in time, so that’ll explain the player and earbuds in more detail.

NOTES: Please note that this is MP3 and not MP4
I know… you may think… why ATH-M50x? Closed-backs? I know. These buds and monks and stuff are all open back. The mention of M50 and to an extent, the EMU is just to give you an idea. Don’t judge me entirely.

Screen Size: 1.8 inches

Brand Name: BENJIE

Supports FM: Yes

Audio Format Support: MP3, WMA

Supports EBook Reading: Yes

Memory Size: 8GB

Launch Date: 2014

Storage Type: Flash Memory

Supports Recording Function: Yes

Battery Life: 10 – 20 hours

Have Speakers or not: No

Battery Specification: Lithium Battery

Function: Voice Recorder,FM Radio

Operation Mode: Touch Screen + Touch Tone

Signal Noise Ratio: ≥89dB

Model Number: BENJIE S5

The MP3 player is about $27 including one-week shipping (say from China to the Middle East) and that ALONE justifies the price for what good stuff you get: the buds.

The device is fairly light – very portable. It’s about the size of a large cigarette lighter, just a few grams. Portability is just great. Great for outdoor use/sports. Just slips in the pocket. In fact, you must use a band/ring to avoid losing it.

The charging takes about 20 minutes to full – playback time is about 3 hours I suppose. Sound is good, though you would have to have an amplifier for more demanding headphones. For IEMs/Buds, they’ll be just fine.

Transfer is simple and easy… plug and play, and you’ll find the player’s drive in your computer. Just copy and paste music. If you plug in a card, you’ll see an extra [microSD] drive where you can also copy and paste music files.

File support is decent enough; AAC/MP3/WAV/FLAC. Can’t run DSD (of course) but you’ll be covered for all common formats.

My head-fi:


treintjefop says:

I just received it but all is in Chinese so how do I get the english help things on it.

ryan santos says:

i have vjjb n1 will this player sound good on my iem?

techplus lab says:

does this player sound better than most smart phones?

Sieg Calfer says:

Is there a custom equalizer?? And how many sound can you adjust in the equalizer??

Darktripz Gaming says:

This looks like the apgtek m20s

Thiện Phạm says:

where can i buy it with a good price? Thank you.

AT Khan says:

ALERT: Guys, don’t buy the Benjie K9. Don’t. Please buy the S5 instead, if you must. Have to get that out there.
Wait for my review…

Rudy Seamus says:

So nice to see these rare brands reviewed and in English, also. Subscribed! Great job friend. Keep up the great work!

Wachirasak Khumprasit says:

Can this device play 24 bit lossless file ?

david sagala says:

so, benjie s5 is not recomended except the earbuds?

charles oktavianus says:

do S5 have an equalizer setting ?

Jaelson Sena says:

he has bluetooth?

Jodie Dunn says:

Do still have the manual?

Cobalt19 says:

hey Bro are you from AUH? planning to order this from ALIEXPRESS, how long was it before the item arrived? did you use company PO box number? tnx!

Jessen's Channel says:

dayum, its really cheap too. hmm probably gonna buy this soon

William Chun says:

so the AGPTEK M20 and the Benjie s5 are the same thing?

John MacGibbon says:

Does this unit automatically loop to the first mp3 file in a folder after the last track had been played? The current Sansa models do, and they have no option to turn looping off. This I do not want – I want the machine to stop when the last track ends.

Otávio Sousa says:

Nice video. Can i speed up the audio? I wanna put some podcasts to listen in 1.5 x. Thanks

Darieee says:

Nice review ! Keep em coming !

himetex says:

Ok, right now i am questioning your capabilities of judging music reproductions players, you are amazed about crapy earphones that i wouldn’t put in my ears even to listen to teenage garage punk rock. As well looking closer to the informations you’ve put in the description, the rates of 89dB for SRN to what should be a lossless player is completely laughble.

Phil Adams says:

Where’s part 2?

Nuno Fernandes says:

What about the recording quality? Is it as good as an average smartphone? I needed something on a budget to record some audio with similar quality to an smartphone (or even better) and i see that this device can record stereo with high bitrates…

Pian Sopian says:

And what about the player it self? Is it worth for the money? Or maybe u could give me other recommendation 4 great budget DAP under 50$

McGuywer says:

I have this player and it’s not as good as the hype. Build is the only OK about it. The earbuds are not as bad, though I prefer the sleeve ones instead of foam.
Sound quality is just as good as 99.99% of “one chip solution” DAPs on the market.
FM radio not very sensitive (compared to other “one chip” radio solutions).
The user interface is horrible, full of bugs they don’t care to fix.
Ergonomics is a pain in the ass as well. you have to press 3 times the Volume button to start incrementing. Play/Pause/OK button is placed too low, it should have been in the center of the four arrows or at least in the place of the Menu button, because is heavily used.
Volume buttons should be the Up and Down arrows, which during playback are not used for anything.
There are many other bugs in the GUI aswell. FM tuning direction is operated upside-down by the arrows.
The only good news, beside the build quality, is that there are no audio glitches.
  Overall, I realize it’s a player I could do without.

Just Brian says:

would you recommend them paired with kz zs5?



Ari Weiss says:

I wish to ask how is the sound quality? is it like worm or bassy and how is the soundstage?

Broseph Stalin says:

Hey dude, this was a helpful review. The construction sounds in the background had me worried that a robot was trying to break into your house and kill you, but the review itself was a good rundown of the product. Answered a lot of questions I had about this particular player.

Good audio quality, and good voice too!

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