AGPTek mp3 player review

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I’m super happy with this little device!!

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Gods Joy says:

It froze on me. How do i reset it?

Othniel Graichen says:

Does it record Fm?What file formats? And what speed / quality options are available?

Mick Eade says:

Total rubbish! Bluetooth not connecting with anything! Loads of buyers have same problem! No answers anywhere!

Danger Dash says:

Is it possible to play videos from the folder icon, where I can separate my videos in different named folders, or can I only play them form the video icon, having to manually select a video from a huge list of all my videos?

cathy says:

Yay, nice review thanks! Looking to get one of these but they’re back ordered till Monday on Amazon 🙁 What does the “language learning” option in the list menu do??

Daemon Lee says:

Thanks, I was looking to buy the A20, but wanted to see the displays and how it transitioned.

martin blouin says:

when you go up and down your folder, can you hold the button or you need to click it every time?

Nicholas Paraskevas says:

great review! buying one soon. been looking for something simple to store my music. Getting real tired of buying phones with large amount of GB space just to store my music. Now I can buy a cheaper phone and not care too much about losing this mp3 player since it is affordable.

chudleycannonfodder says:

I’m looking in to getting one of these for podcasts and saw the resume option when you were on the main menu. Does that mean I can save my place in a long episode if I need to take a break or does it just bring me back to that folder?

Robby Harris says:

Good review. Buying one for evening podcast listening. Cute cat photobomb! “Ariel!”

chudleycannonfodder says:

Also, love the kitty!

Azurde Stewart says:

Currently thinking about buying from Amazon (The rose gold color) to replace my ipod touch 5th generation that could die any day. Just wanted a simple player to only play music….I think I will buy! Thanks for this review because not many reviewed this exact model. 😉

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