AGPTEK H01 Hi-Fi Lossless MP3 Player


Satan says:

does it come with shuffle to?

Thom Jurek says:

What’s the battery life like?

Víctor JP says:

Please, can You tell me what are the 2 song that are in the agptek when you buy this? I delete them and I dont remember the name. Where I can get they. A lot of thanks

Cthis says:

Aigo 108 has it in silver and gold, but I prefer this player in black which only AGPTEK makes it black.

Peter Bowers says:

Hi, Thanks for your review, No Gapless support, is that correct.

tom jones says:

Does this have a web browser

Konad Benz says:

no bluetooth
no buy

Sam Dim says:

good review

Purple Lurple says:

got mine today, it´s not even starting or show any sign of life. i´m very dissapointed with this product. wouldn´t recomend it to anyone.

ShadowShader YT says:

Will this work with apple earpod headphones? Also can you turn off the amp?

Excelsius says:

I know other mp3 players by AGPTEK have FM radio. Does this have radio?

Mad Mental Hibby says:

Just bought one of these. Cracking little player and built like a tank. I think the reason that the normal setting in the equalization is so loud is because it defaults all of the equalizer bands to maximum. You can set them all to max without causing any distortion which is handy if 100% volume doesn’t hack it on old tracks.

Satan says:

well does it have a port to connect to the computer? and so it doesn’t come with one of those?

Alain LeBlanc says:

Both work well, sound simliar. But the H01 is closer to the Fiio X1 as far as size and finish, being aluminium and the F3 being in plastic. That being said the F3 is way more portable if you plan on working out or doing any sports. I like the both for different use.

Calogero Principato says:

Hi! What about a comparison between this AGPTek H1 vs FiiO M3? Thanks!

theengineerbox says:

Loss-less not loose-less

zumbaladin says:

Interesting review!
How would it manage a Sennheiser HD600 300ohm impedance?
The price is very attractive…

Enda Dalton says:

Can you let me know what headphones you use, thanks Enda Dalton

Starkweather Ironstorm says:

Hello Alain, did you tried a 128 gb card on it ? Will this work ? I am really interessted by this dap

Hiep Le says:

The best things:
1. Solid build
2. Great sound (combine with Topping nx1s amplifier is brilliant)
3. Knob is great too

The bad things: software is stupid
1.You can’t back to main menu right away, must push back button many time.
2. It take many moves to add a song to playlist when in folder list
3. Can’t look for a song following alphabet
4. No Bluetooth, gapless (this is not important for me).
5. Cant play flac 24b/192khz
6. The biggest problem: BATTERY CHARGING TIME. 9-10h playback (i turned off the led light) but it take 3h30-4h for charging.

Overall: I still like this player because of it sound

Jeremy Cantor says:

Hello. There are two frustrating issues that seem to be common with MP3 players around this price range (I’ve tried a few, but not this one yet).

1. You can add songs to playlists from the now-playing screen or from the songs/artists/albums lists, but NOT from the folder list.

2. If I add a song to a playlist and then delete the song from the player, the song remains in the playlist and therefore has to be deleted twice. This is not a problem with a couple of songs, but with 50 or 100, it is extremely tedious.

Can you tell me if the AGPTEK H1 has either of the above issues?
Thanks very much.

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