AGPtek A02 8GB MP3 player Review

A Fantastic basic MP3 Player for your money !!


kaymackgee says:

top tip – if using blue/green screen – bear in mind that it looks like your floating, if you dont have an anchor point. possibly use a corner or even a thick border to stop the distractions of floating in the video. great review otherwise!

john griffith says:

thank for the review….been looking at loads…even the famous brands get bad reviews….just want one that plays music….not one that brushes my teeth..and wipes my bum as well….thanks to you just bought one from e bay £15 brand new.

Miguel Medina says:

nice video thanks!

JP Brady says:

Thanks for the review, very helpful 🙂

Wesley Hay says:

Hi Steve. Yes if you can do a video about how to obtain Youtube music to this player and also how to upgrade the 8gb to 32gb. (I have the upgrade) I don’t know a thing about how to operate this or any MP3 player. Your help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

ajbfwb says:

Appreciate the extensive reviews, Steve. Have you by chance found an option for a resume feature in the settings? To clarify, if I’m playing a tune (or, MUCH more importantly, a podcast), pause the tune, then turn the unit off, can it be setup to return to the pause point on power up?

Seba Bogus says:

Since my old iPod nano crapped out on me, I needed something new but never came to actually buying a substitute. Anyway, this video certainly made my decision very very easy. Much obliged!!

Frenchpea 63 says:

Thanks so much for the review, it’s been really helpful ! I bought this for my elderly aunt to use in hospital so it’s really handy to understand how it works!!!

KaRaOke やさしく歌える南野陽子 says:

70 hours loseress sound play…. Is this really?

ChessIsJustAGame says:

Q: A review on Amazon claimed you could not playback ripped CD’s in MP3 format, only downloaded files. I find this hard to believe, but thought I would ask anyway. Better safe than sorry. PS: I had an older Sony Walkman player for better part of a decade and it was great until I washed it. The more modern replacement is bad. (NW-E393) sound is very not-so-good and menu looks like it went backward in tech. I’m looking for no frills high quality music playback.Thanks for your review.

Mick Eade says:

Total rubbish! Bluetooth not connecting with anything! Loads of buyers have same problem! No answers anywhere!

Steve Homer says:

I have done a follow up video containing all the answers to the questions you have given. Check it out at

shrey says:

great video,thanks
this is same as ruizu x02 i believe which is available as low as 11$ on aliexpress,free shippin.althought it takes a month to reach.anyways 11 bucks,would u believe that?

Lee Rome says:

How do you download music from Internet to this AGPtEK?
I have one but don,t know how to put music on it.

Nick Tobar says:

what about the charger?

Eric Neal says:

As a guy who has bought many Chinese products on Amazon, I always called the instructions booklet “Google translate English”. Chinglish is much more succinct. Thanks for the review!

ChessIsJustAGame says:

Just pulled the trigger on the “B” version.

Wesley Hay says:

Mine did NOT come with headphones. I had to purchase them seperately.
And yes, I did get it from Amazon. I wonder why they didn’t include a set of
head phones with the one I purchased. (the ad does say “does not include headphones.”)

bruodowd says:

Just got mine in the mail today. I come from the OLD SCHOOL of headphones with FM radio for the gym. I’m not sure how to “drag and drop” things from my computer yet, but will learn in time. Not even sure how to use the FM radio yet! But I will learn.Thanks for hipping me to this player, and making me realize that I purchased a good product!

Bianca Ottaviani says:

Is it possible to create playlists? maybe it works with folders..?

UKWEED says:

Just bought one, phone broke and recently got subwoofer in my car, was using usb stick but hard to find the song you want, this will be perfect 🙂 I was about to pay 24 quid when you said on the video to get it on amazon, saved me 6 quid or there abouts :), cheers

James Field says:

Everyone hates iTunes!

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