$2 Replica iPod Shuffle Review and Sound Test! (2014-2015)

This is my review of the $2 iPod Shuffle Clone MP3 Player, plus a sound test. This is the next-gen of music players! 😛


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Richard Kim says:

On ebay

Martin Duffy says:

i got same one with screen for 2 pounds

Playเng Wıth PѺwer says:

my ignorant older sister won’t let me but it because she’s judging it by the price and adds lies to convince me not to get it…help. She convinced my mother as well.

Richard Kim says:

I am going to get one (black version)

Raff says:

Where is the link for the item

MissingTech says:

Do you need an ad card to play music pls answer

Third-party Dev says:

hey i own one of these but the cost me around 5 dollars
i bought it from a convince store and guess what no guarantee or warranty
and the mp3 is literally indestructible.
4 years since boight and still works fine

The Gaming Nerd says:

I found one on Amazon for 30 cents

Ally FrostHunter says:

I got mine for 85 cents

SandFX says:

I brought it for 5$, black color, IS AWESOME, i put a 16GB MicroSD, a lot of 320Kbps MP3, and Professional Headphones, i love how that small thing sounds, im in love lol

WOWgaming says:

does it come with a charger

Forward Gaming says:

The buttons on the device wear down in 2 months and the battery was horrible
I’ve had one myself and it was OK for a while but soon broke

Sorntham Najaidee says:

+Mrwhosetheboss how do u download songs on that ipod i have one and can you make a vid how to do it

JSN Gaming says:

lol geting ipod nano 3rd gen on the 6th i have over 350 songs waiting for it

Lego Vidz 1200 says:

Are you British cause I am

windlink123 says:

Got one today, but it ALWAYS ON. Then then I am not charging and buttton goes to off. That should I do? Maby the power button is bad?

Richard Kim says:

I might get one on ebay because i dont trust everbuying but im so suprised that there is actually one exactly the same as yours (it is still the color black)

pepe da frog says:

have the same exact speaker the best!

akram ali mansoori says:

Cheeeee u r fingers are so ugly

Genevieve Manly says:

I’m waiting for 9yr old girls to comment about how that music is “stolen” from “LPS Videos”

the retro kid 955 says:

omg i have one but it has a screen!!!!!!!! it is awsome

Tauranga Outriggers says:

Cool where you get it

Emufriend123 says:


Alphanoid says:

I Got one its actually not that bad

Harry Baldwin says:

It is now everbuying.net

Be Free says:

it won’t show up on my laptop! 🙁

LaMichael Wade says:


KianCommentates says:

yk here in croatia this would cost around 199$(croatian) around 20 bux in dollars

ArtsyMochi says:

I have this exact one and mine broke within a year. It started to make scratchy sounds and… yeah.

HeadNtheClouds says:

I have 3 of them & none of them work, I used them 1x each & none of them work. WTF dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock Star says:

I use ipod shuffle

KoreNightcore - Yes Another Nightcore Channel says:

1:41, what is the name of that sound?

Jeff Smith says:

Well you forgot to put the micro SD in there; When I forgot the SD it didn’t work at all but having it in there, it’s good to point out this is also a nifty cardreader

Sam Breitenbauch says:

not to try to sound like an ass but thats mini usb not micro usb….


i usually go full sound on my ipod shuffle which i lost thanks to my moms brothers lil boy threw it out of the balcony :3 ,so i was wondering if this has the ear exploding sound like the real one and base as well .

Joro Marinov says:

I have the same tiny gizmo (mine is green 😀 ) and I was simply amazed of the sound quality and high volumes for this ridiculously low price.

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