Zoom LiveTrak L-12 Digital Mixer and Multitrack Recorder Review

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With the Zoom LiveTrak L-12 you can record up to 12 individual channels, create custom headphone mixes for up to five band members, and craft a polished live mix complete with studio-quality effects. You can complete your entire project on the L-12 or transfer all 12 discrete tracks to your DAW for editing and mixing. The LiveTrak L-12 also functions admirably as a 14-in/4-out USB audio interface for your Mac, PC, or iOS device.


David Wang says:

Can it handle dynamic mics like Shure SM7B straight up or still require a CL?

ICG says:

I really hope we soon get a Livetrak L-6 hehe

MySchizo Buddy says:

I’m confused. So it can broadcast and record live seminars? yes?

David Angus says:

Is it possible to record individual tracks as a solo recording artist and get the previous tracks through the headphones as monitors and finally mix the individual tracks together? This would be to make my own backing tracks.

SimonAspsundDrums says:

I recorded my drums with this machine. Check it out on my channel.

Ej Garcia says:

Question: I just want to make it clear. So this can do multitrack recording? Each with separate track? So it’s like an audio interface with mixer capabilities??

dcp tracks says:

Can you add and In ear mix system to this, for portable monitoring possibilities?

Waxeye says:

V impressive

Michael Caliri says:

Look’s cheap

RToTheM says:

Would this be a good option for silent band rehearsals, where everyone runs a line out from their amps into the ZOOM’s hi-z inputs? I have a Roland V-drums kit and would run a line out from my module into one of the mixer inputs.

gambitrocks says:

You can use this for live-video streaming events.

Paul Horsley says:

Looks cool has it got a midi out For clock sync ? Thanks.

JulianFernandez says:

Zoom is leading the field recording thing

Derek Frampton says:

THe only thing missing with this are motorized faders. what’s the point of having “scenes” if they don’t control the faders? sigh.

trublgrl says:

Meters on every channel? I’d pay the price of admission just to get channel meters on a plain analog mixer. I’m in love.

Jae Boogie says:

Wow, I will get on board when they deliver the 16 Channel Desk !! When connected to a Computer do I get a screen display of modules on screen etc: ?????

agauerm says:

I was really excited to buy this til I noticed there is no analog outs-ins for send-return… So perhaps the headphone outs could be use to route the signal to external effects unit then back thru the stereo inputs, but I don`t like doing workarounds like this, plus the effect would be applied to the whole mix and not the individual track, bummer…

Everything.Digital says:

I’m looking for something just slightly smaller than this to fit into a specific touring case. Similar width and depth is fine (smaller OK too) but the height needs to be no more than 2 inches max. Any suggestions? Don’t need 12 tracks – 8 would be plenty. Needs to be able to record individual tracks and a master mix, physical faders, XLR/TRS inputs for at least 6 channels and needs feed out into camera. It’s the golden fleece i know but if anyone has any tips on where to look I’d really appreciate it.

Douglas Mackenzie says:

can anyone please tell me – does this have all the functionality of a basic multitrack like the R24? or does the R24 have more and better options for recording?
i am looking to make a demo CD of my band. I would also like to record / mix live but honestly getting the best CD recorded of our songs is where we are at the moment.

Paul Horsley says:

No 5 pin midi ,crap!

Kariayam Karidugong says:

Looks great but, I’ll stick with my Zoom R24. Off course that 5 headphones output amazed me

garrettgerbil13 says:

But the real question is, can you master/slave this with another L-12 to combine track count per session ?

Dolores5000 says:

I want a rock solid stand alone multitrack machine
PCs are so prone to virus hacks and malware
I want to 86 pc out of the equation

Carlos Montero says:

Can I sync up a drum machine and sync up my vocals to the Zoom Live track even though their is no midi on the Zoom itself? Besides a DAW is their any other device in the market I can use to make this work as an all in one recording work station without a computer to sync up all my midi gear and keep my vocals in sync?

Phil Wilks says:

Mate, cut your nails

Funkbutterfly says:

Can you print eq, compression, effects to the recorded tracks in the daw?

Herbert .Gatchalian says:

can i use two of these simultaneously connected in 1 pc?

C11ck says:

I want this so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Carsten Daembkes says:

Is there any latency involved in sending the input signals to the individual headphones mixes? Thx in advance.

audiotrax2000 says:

This is great! Does it have any kind of built in Metronome or separate click track?

2 face says:

Awesome that someone finally added the phone jacks for individual monitor. Complete game changer for all us rehearsing in small spaces who have neighbors to consider.

Now make a version with more mic inputs and mixing from internet devices and I’m in heaven.

JR says:

Why do you have to route audio back in from the computer into channels 11 and 12 if it’s a USB mixer? Is it not USB 2 class compliant?

Jeremy says:

aux send?

the cHroNic nOize co. says:

This is what i’ve been waiting for.

rets mej says:

does this have built-in guitar effects like the R16?

Rico Nababan says:

Can i record 16 mic inputs into zoom L12 ? Cause i need 12 mic to record my drums…

Kem Keohacksa says:

Cool video. Very educational. Thank you.

Jim Belanger says:

How about a video on how to use all the features for the transport devise.?

Nikolaus says:

Would there be a scenario where one would prefer the Tascam DP-32 SD other than for the number of tracks?

Isaac Temple says:

bro clip your nails

yoitsgiook says:

Does it have an FX Loop? In order words can an external effects processor be connected to it?

theinvisibleman says:

can you use it as a DAW midi controller?

eekamoose says:

I want some of the coffee that Mitch Gallagher drinks.

done with internet says:

these vidz are made like your talking to someone that knows about mixing and recording and all features this was like Japanese to me CAPTURE DEVICE WTF???? Too confusing for me to want to purchase sou ndnds like id be spending more time trying trying to figure out wtf it does then playing and that the problem for players in todays technology. I need to go ot school to learn todays tech. Never going to figure it out from these vidz or the manual. I don’t have the time or patience unless I’m sure what I’m doing.

Steven Pam says:

Comprehensive yet clear and concise overview. Thanks!

fisch723 says:

I got here from a recommendation for in-ear monitor solutions for a live situation. I can see the value of having the 5 monitor outs with their own mixes. The (dumb?) question I have is: how do you use this mixer for monitoring and still send individual feeds to the house PA? Thanks in advance.

Michael Caliri says:

I,ll stay with myTascam DP-24

SimonAspsundDrums says:

Will this device record better drum audio and have better preamps than the Tascam DP-24SD? And will it be easier to record on this device than the Tascam DP-24SD (not using a computer)?

Jimmy a Geek says:

ZOOM F4 or L-12 ?

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