Yamaha O1v96i Digital Mixing Desk Review

SonicLAB takes a look at the compact console from Yamaha with built in 16 channel USB audio interface, 40 mix channels and new mic preamps.

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sonicstatelive says:

Yeah if you are working live, the Presonus might be worth looking at, geared more for live use than the O1V96i – which I would say is more of a studio board, though you could use it for preset mixes of live inputs with snapshots per song rather than live interactive mixing.

stalkself says:

чисто десять минут базарит, не извлекая звуки, офигенч !

namgay phunthsog says:

i want to use this console with protools 10

Justin Auxilium says:

Hey nice video i use this console with protools 9.6 and nuendo 4.3  nice USB 16 channel audio interface 16 individual track mix Great review, as always! Thanks!

Carl Borsing BorsingStudios_com says:

Hi, I’m considering purchasing the Yamaha O1v96i. I use ProTools 11 in my project studio but besides Sony Vegas 13 pro Suite I also use Cockos Reaper and after having read about some alleged difficulties regarding using this board as a control surface with Reaper I have to ask you what your experience is?

Sir Carl..

Dominik Wujek says:

Hey nice video as usual! Please tell me how can I route signal for my monitors. I do have almost decided to buy it. Is it possible to have more inputs and outputs on that desk? I see that there is optional 4x xlr output card and it would be ok – I dont need more monitors on the stage but there is only one expansion slot so I will not be able to get more inputs. Any ideas? And what are the omni outputs? Maybe just use them with an DIbox to give monitoring for the musicians?
I would be very thankfull for some suggestions!

John Redden says:

I’m struggling with input of as many as 10 mono wireless mics. When I set gain high enough to sweeten the input where I just begin to like it we get feedback. This is in an unusually shaped auditorium. Would compression and gate help so I can increase gain? Ideas please and thankyou.

Chris Garner says:

I’m looking at either the StudioLive 16.0.2 or the Mackie DL1608. I really want to do live recording while mixing live, but, I don’t want a heavy mixer.

Rodrigo Cayo says:

I am about to buy either a Universal audio apollo quad or a yamaha 01v96i i am so undecided!

Frederic Martorell says:

And about Using an external compressor as insert? Is it possible?

justin auxilium says:

nice USB 16 channel audio interface

Leonardo Juarez says:

Can someone tell me where download all the drives for Mac? Regards!

G-Man says:

does this work as a standalone recording unit or is it just an audio interface?

natty pablo says:

great tutoral but can anyone tell me how to connect my computer to my 02r yamaha version 2 so i can see iton my computer.thanks

tonalaxis says:

Tf b

QuickQuips says:

There’s also the Presonus Studiolive, since you plan on taking the board on the road.

Calvin Brumant says:

Can this digital console used with Pro Tools 11 and Reason 7?

Charisma Christian Center says:

It will not patch. It’s either-or. B inputs are priority though. I don’t know why. If you have a mic on the XLR input AND TRS on the B input at the same time… It will only convert the TRS signal.

Manu Rightz says:


Leonardo Dito says:

16 individual track to the DAW? great!

raptorekpl says:

Great review!

Nick, I’m switching from Korg Zero8 to something with similar workflow (and onboard 16/16 interface). I basically have a choice between Allen & Heath ZED R16 and Yamaha O1V96i. I will use it for electronic live act using both Ableton and hardware (ESX, Blofeld, etc.) at the same time. Could you please give some of your thoughts on choosing between those two?

I really like ZED R16’s feel but Yamaha’s routing and expansion possibilities are pretty damn impressive…

Richter Grimbeek says:

Great vid!!! Thanks

Samt1958 says:

Best review of this product yet! Thanks

Gilson Nascimento says:

Hello, 01V96i allows recording only 16 channels via USB, or you can record 24 or 32 channels inputs using ADA inputs.

namgay phunthsog says:

hello i m beginner to 01v 96i and i m facing difficulties to link up with my PC
can any one guide me to hook up please

Smartphone Guitar says:

Great tutorial! A lot of information very well explained. Thanks.

Gilson Nascimento says:

Desculpe, mas não entendi sua dúvida.


hate to be the guy in charge of setting the thing up!

Junior Cesar says:

como gravar com ADA
otico ligar onde
precisar de uma placa para otico nao é
tem como jogar ADA 24 32 saindo usb tambem

Nelson Nelson says:

I’m also looking for a console that can double as an audio interface for a band, and I was also considering the behringer x32, check it out

Nathan W says:

do you know if you can patch the B inputs on to channels 17-32 giving it 32 analog inputs?

theeltea says:

Great review, as always! Thanks!

madebythebird says:

The Yamaha site is super confusing as to weather the O1V96 Mlan and USB drivers are current or this has been obsoleted. We can’t get the O1V to talk audio or midi to any of our El Cap machines. Can anyone out there in 2016 direct us to exactly which Software is needed to shovel 16ch audio in and out of Osx10.11 pls:) YamahaSteinberg USB is not working at all.

Or have we been obsoleted?

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