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Coleman says:

“Lot’s of advertising bits”. Yep, exactly what I want to spend money on.

John Citizen says:

No, what you like about it is you get paid by them to review it.

Simon Marett says:

£30 a month way too expensive, how many of us actually need an Orc musician? Wouldn’t an Orc archer been better at least. That would also be £360 a year, how many models could you get that you wanted for that! If your into paints £360 is going to get you a lot lol!! For what was in the box I’d take a gamble at £15- £20 including postage. (Wonder how they can justify £5 postage on a light weight box.)

Loupis Canis says:

Thanks Luke ,
Like shite !, erm …. i mean , no thanks , not fer me.

IDICBeer 40k says:

Nice review bud

Atholl WulfLord McNicoll says:

Nice little set for those into this kind of models but not me!

de Mont Hault says:

Surprise boxes are great for those with disposable incomes!

Jen Yates says:

Nice idea, but too pricey. The usual point of these subscription boxes is to get a fairly random selection of kit and less than retail. It’s a bit of a lucky dip, but they should be value for money if you like most of what they send you. Modelbox though would appear to be priced close to retail for the contents… and if that is usually the case then why bother? Surely just allowing yourself a wildcard budget of £30 a month to buy frivolous hobby gear would be more fun?

Dan Cain says:

I’d be very disappointed if that is what I got for £30. I’d be expecting a value to more than the separate cost and a few leaflets. Hopefully the next one will be better value…

Iron Body Martial Arts says:

You do a good job mate.

David Smith says:

I’ll have to check out their web site.

West Side says:

This is some money knockery if ive ever seen any. Id be so depressed spending 30pounds on that meager haul. I can literaly get 50 2ndhand conscripts for that kind of cash.

Derpimus Maximus says:

The orc musician was a nice sculpt, but it just reminds me that I lost the musician from the old Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs box, and I’ll never again be able to field an orc with a xylobone.

newgamer85 says:

Yeah not a fan of this This At all seems more promotional stuff then model stuff in a product I’m paying for. Seems if they won’t to send me a box of junk mail take the P+P off.

Love the channel I pick up 75% of the stuff you review. This just don’t hit me right. Why not pay the same or less which you can for this box on what you want then take a chance
Thanks anyway man cheers for all the tips

n0ledge says:

There is no way I’d subscribe to that, way to pricey for random crap I don’t need. I’d prefer pieces of terrain and random bits that you can use with your own stuff. Stuff like skulls and weapons. Anything to do some sick conversion. Man, a 3d logo and a ruler… It’s going straight to the garbage bin

Kappa Smith says:

I wouldn’t pay for a subscription with such a random outcome unless you were getting huge savings of around 30 to 40% on those random products inside the box. I like that they use well known companies such as Kromlech and it would be nice to see others. However the ruler and resin hand look to me like the most useless and upsetting pieces of the lot. Postage for the UK should be no more than £3 in my opinion, because thats what it costs for a medium sized parcel. I like the idea, if it were GW and you were garanteed say 35% off on the content inside, people would be buying up those subscriptions like no tomorrow!

PearShaped Barry says:

Think I would be gutted, especially if I already had those miniatures and paints. Not for me but thx for sharing this.

Warhammer is my life says:

first comment?

Thomas Richardson says:

Nice, but. $60 that is a lot. Excellent review. Maybe if a few extra item’s. Cheap stuff.

Philip Reed says:

great idea if i had loads of money to burn. looking forward to see whats in next months box tho but i dont think ill be investing.

GrenAcid says:

Thx for vid.
But I dont like idea of random loot, It might be fun for someone who paint more than play as you get paints and minis but that ruler is mindbogging adicion.

Time Waster Digital says:

Why model box?
Discover new and exciting brands through Model Box. Every month we will send you the best products from the best manufacturers in the miniature hobby industry. Every month your Model Box will contain at least one awesome miniature, paints, a brush and an assortment of scenery and basing materials along with many more accessories to add to your growing collection, painting desk or wargames.

This is your at least minimum promise to your boxes. and I don’t see a lot of the stuff you promised ….. No brush no assortment of scenery no assesories no basing materials, I don’t see the value when you don’t even meet your own criteria.

Carl Mayne says:

Postage tagged onto an already priced product always puts me off … £25 is nothing, £30 is too much .. seems to be how the world works now (With you being able to get almost anything from China for pennies and no postage) … And due to Mini’s being so small it looks like there’s nothing in the box worth much. If they threw in a bunch of reaper bones (To fill the box more) It would definitely look like it would be worth the cost, but two mini’s 2 paints and a movement ruler .. Not for me … However .. if they advertised what was coming in the box beforehand, there’s a good chance I’d splash out on the occasional one or two a year … 😀

Alloment Proof says:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/its_four_in_the_morning randomly came across this when i woke up this morning….

Frisk Jack says:

I think it is a good value considering who made the minis. And you get the paint and movement stick.Yes, the postage is too steep. Look forward to next unboxing to help make up my mind.

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