The Xiaomi Mix Is A Slippery Slice Of Incredible

Most smartphones are pretty cool, but only some make you feel like you’re holding a little piece of the future. The Xiaomi Mi Mix is one of these: a nearly-bezel-free display nestled in a frame of slick ceramic, it looks like it was dropped by a visiting time traveler from a very opulent future. The price tag surely matches the fit and finish, so is it worth the effort and expenditure of importing one of these elusive overseas smartphones to the US? Find out in MrMobile’s Xiaomi Mi Mix review!



Xiaomi Product Page at GearBest:

Xiaomi Mi Mix [4GB/128GB] at GearBest:

Xiaomi Mi Mix [6GB/256GB] at GearBest:

Star Trek USS Enterprise backlit schematic:

Star Trek Isolinear Chip Coasters:

ALL WALLPAPERS via Backdrops Pro and Wallrox, apps available in the Google Play Store.


MrMobile’s Xiaomi Mi Mix review was produced following a week with a Xiaomi Mix review unit provided by GearBest []. The device was tested on T-Mobile US in Greater Boston and paired with both a Vector Luna smartwatch and Moto 360v2.


“Old TV set” image by tomislav medak, presented unmodified and available here: []. Used under the CC Attribution 2.0 license: []


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

“Beach” by JAM Studio, available at Premium Beat:

“Mind in Motion” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:



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Rohit Gandhi says:

The worst ever phone i have ever bought. Don’t go by the looks. Looks are deceiving. Don’t buy it please.

Bruno Montanhez says:

Got my Samsung Note 3 after one of your reviews and it stands with me until today. Due to all custom rom it gets I never seem a motive to change my device… after few days ago, when I heard about Mi Mix and gone binge watch all videos it has here.
But was missing yours, them I found it and Im going for one of these beauties soon!

PluralFrog says:

kinda looks like the priv w/o the keyboara

Jamie Laverick says:

xiaomi mi mix sounds likes show me the mix.

1str says:

Such a great review I was looking for, thank you

황세웅 says:

Good vid fam…. I always wanted to see xiaomi mi mix and nice star trek cosplay LOL

Arvind Toolooa says:

That’s a very honest review

Nima Chalebyani says:

Just update an costum rom and perfect! Who cares about perfect camera’s anyway. It’s more than well enough! Rather have great battery and design then great camera.

Maybe too bad about the phone calls only real down side. But understandable with this gorgeous design. I ordered mine (gold edition) few days ago.

Kamran Iqbal says:

One of the finest video ever made. I had the privilege to use this phone and to be quite honest… yes don’t expect flagship quality camera. But this phone performance wise is a beast. Should you buy it? Hell yeah you should considering the price isn’t too high for what it is offering.

Browningate says:

They made the same upside-down mistake that the Sharp Crystal did, putting the screen at the top and the camera and speakers at the bottom. How many times does this mistake need to be made before they finally learn?

Jan Mark Balasabas says:

hey man I was wondering if you could review the panasonic lumix cm1? i know is kinda old but im curious about how its camera could stack up against some modern flagships

Captain Obvious says:

beautiful phone dare I say better looking than the S8?

Phil McCrakin says:

This phone is sub-standard and unacceptable in every way.
Better luck next year.

Kevin Parker says:

Nice video Michael

frank mckitchen says:

Htc u 11 should have moved the selfie cam and proximity sensor tothe bottom bezel next to the finger print reader and made the nav buttons on screen this would shrink the top bezel and along with a slightly smaller bottom bezel by making the fp reader longer and thinner would allow HTC to put a 5.8 screen in the same footprint as a 5.5

illmtoloko says:


P Alexander The Great says:

Does anyone know if this phone works on AT&T networks?

Spencerwalker21 says:

Why fuck would xiaomi put a shit camera on it it’s like the don’t want it to sell

Humeid Al-Habsi says:

very nice review

Debra Dukes says:

Mrmobile I agree with you about all those different types of phone’s that you have to start from scratch and ticker with and I really like the build on this phone.I also Love the Footage you take when doing your Reviews and Videos that I feel if I blink I miss something else cool that you put in the Reviews.Thanks so much for sharing appreciate it Deb

abdulhayyi aliyu says:

The first thing that catches the mind of any viewer of your videos i think is your intro, the way you play with the edits, the angles and perspectives u adopt while shooting, and the whole animations through our the editing is what makes your channel one of my favorite amid the vast world of tech reviewers on YouTube. Lest i forget, the way you also explain what need be known about the tech in question is great.. thumbs up man! 1mil subscribes before the end of 2017!

Singh Ashwin says:

woooo loved the phone just like all yours videos…i love the way you play with different colors in all your videos. keep it up bro and also continue the good work as always. but one more thing its very much difficult to wait for your next videos. Thumps up

Soumya Pattanaik says:

i stopped watching poketnow coz you left 🙁

solosaroman says:

great phone.But it is to expencive for what is offering

sami topuz says:

As bayrakları 4.55 de en üstte turkey var

Juan Morales says:

awesome, Mr. Fisher you have no idea how many times you’ve influenced me towards a mobile device! thanks for the great reviews and videos!

justin liang says:

The editing tho

Sourabh Madan says:

hey michelle you are just awesome i love your videos you are awesome mn

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