The Adventures of Dad³ – Pick & Mix review!

I was hyper for days after this!

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Zebbz_ says:

This is literally in EVERY store in sweden, never seen one without it my entire life

Nick Currie says:

I love that you love the banana. Best candy.

Theoretical_Scot says:

Whoever calls cola bottles ‘pepsi bottles’ is an idiot and probably a mass murderer

Luke Hegarty says:

How can a 50-60 year old man eating candy be so entertaining?

CrashBoxNat says:

I should buy some next time I’m out.

Also, never seen a pick ‘n’ mix that has rock before.

черный воронa II says:

This made my inner child really happy as well :3

Lucidite says:

where the gummy snakes dude! ?

Scott Duncan says:

This is the most random thing I’ve ever seen and I’m completely down with it

greatest person says:

love blue danue! (background music)

AntiSocial - Gamer says:

This is how the pinata out of Dan’s newest video died

d00mpod says:

That’s not a gob stopper, that’s a bon-bon!

Trickster95 says:

Nice to come from Nerd3’s Friends to this. Nice evening all.

Keith Croft says:

Ooh. Piece of candy.

Lord Nigel (SMK) says:

I work at a shop and its always good to sneak a sweet or two from the Pick and Mix :3

UnofficalGuy says:

Were i Shop they don’t do Pick & Mix But my favorite is coke bottle .

Sam L says:

My favourite has and always will be the cola bottle and the worst is 100% the banana. Absoutlely disgusting

The Archive says:

The vampire teeth are the best… but they’re rare, you can’t get them in many places at all. Especially the super rare non-sour version.

TheConTraDemOn says:

Eats banana flavored candy, continues to eat a different one, says the second is the best by far, ends by saying banana is his favorite. Gotta love the man

Asylum Gaming Cartel says:

Best pick n mix was always woolworths back in the day we used to eat a few as we filled our bags up

Linton Kenneally says:

I agree banana.

Shandiemann says:

I Fucking loved watching this 😀
My favourite is the sugared strawberries

Coffee Goblin says:

my inner child is screaming of excitement. Also the sugared strawberries are heaven

D. Lindvall says:

As a swede (yes I’m a rutabaga) it feels weird hearing that you haven’t seen on in years, pick and mix is a staple thing in EVERY supermarket here.

Theo Brown says:

We have a pick and mix a my local Tesco

Daniel McK says:

4:51 My dad’s phone just rang

crashprune173 says:

Steve, you are aware they have them in Tesco’s? Especially that huge Tesco just outside of Southend.

IcarusDesigns says:

Love pick ‘n’ mixes. Very dissapointed you didn’t go for some mice, they’re a staple. Will say though I approve of the strawberries, love those. 5p down the shop when I was a kid, get your little bag and just fill it to the brim. Love it. Know what you mean about the eggs though, nothing like they used to be. Used to be my favourites but oh well.

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