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yu gi oh god says:

I like yu gi oh

Carlos Henrique says:

Mano porque o título do vídeo é português e o vídeo é inglês

Mary Rose Richard says:

When I used the subtitles it was so funny cuz when the guy/narrator said “form closer bonds and stronger relationships” and then the subtitles said (LIES!)

Maebae Michaels says:

8:30 My friend was watching this with me and started screaming from the top of her lungs “YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Blackshadow 24 says:


Minti Playz says:


Can we continue this?

Tessathesly says:

I know how to play Pokémon and I still have my deck so if you have any Pokémon cards SQUARE UP

Sabrina M. says:

0:00 to 0:35 is how we play board games at my school

gomez19990 says:

We stopped playing board games because my brother in law and sister in law are super competitive. And my family is not sooooo yeah.

Macker 0209 says:

Do it with Alex please because we want to see this

Anonymous says:

No way

Jamayrie Mcrae says:

Which retard doesn’t know how to play a game as easy as pokemon

Dat Boii says:

Put subtitles and read the words

missadawne says:

I have that board game

Franklin Stoeckel says:

8:17 funny story… my step mom and my family were playing monopoly and she and HER family made their own rules and she got mad about us playing by the REAL RULES, AND SHE FLIPPED THE FREAKING GAME OVER!!

Franklin Stoeckel says:

The Pokémon card game is easy

bruce binarao says:

This is a Rage Game (GAME OVER)

violet blue says:

And I don’t know how to play it

Rowena Vega says:

A example of family game night
Mom give your brother 100000000000000million since you landed on his property
Sister I won’t give the money to this garbage player
Brother I am not GARBAGE ur doo doo and don’t even know anything beacause your a 4 year old
Sister what did you say to me your 1 second years old
Little brother I wish someone wrecked him and mom you don’t even know how to play beacause ur garbage
Mom ur so trash beacause you aren’t even born
Brother u guys are so trash you live in a trash can
Dad which wasn’t even in the story
I made dinner what are you guys doing here ur garbage stop sitting in this table
Sister u don’t even know anything beacause your garbage trash beacause u Eat worms
All pull out shovels everyone ur so trash beacause ur so garbage just like ur trash brain and life
They all got hurt except the little brother and he said I won ur trash kids

Brookelynn Bishop says:

My brother had the first shiny chardarz and lost it a week later…

Brian Profit says:

2:20 boi you stalemated him

Carmelo Gauna says:

i not speak inglish

Werido sisters 333 says:

ALEX CLARK (sorry in I spelled that long)
He has been practicing

Kimberly McNeill says:

find the differense


Rockruff0510 Correa says:

I know how to play with Pokémon cards I ♥️ it

Abdul kadir says:

Life noggin????

Jason Voorhees says:

Life noggin

Marcus Gamer says:


Kid Headquarters says:

Also yes I know how to play the card game

It’s not that fun…

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