Studio Tour 2018: My Home Mixing Setup

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UPDATED home studio tour! See what gear I’m using now, what gear is sentenced to the closet, and how I treated my home mixing room.

Gear list:
iMac 27″ / 3.4GHz i5 / 16gb RAM
Pro Tools 12 (native)
Apogee Duet
Yamaha NS-10 monitors
Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones
Yamaha P2500s power amp
EL Distressor
Presonus Central Station
Avid Artist Mix controller
Shure SM7-B

Other gear mentioned in the video:
Yamaha HS80 monitors
Electro Harmonix Mini POG Pedal
Maxon OD808 pedal
Sansamp Bass Driver DI
Little Labs RedEye

Acoustic treatment: Acoustic Panels Canada
Desk: MGear Designs


Tyler Hanson says:

Glad I’m not the only one who thought about downsizing my interface for mixing. I heard Apogee has some of the cleanest D/A conversion out there, but the Duet is the only one currently in my price range.

Gabe Carmona Music says:

Great post and feedback.

Trallafitti says:

Hi, why didnt you mix Silversteins newest LP Dead Reflection? I immediately noticed that someone else did the mixing 😀 you wouldve done it better (;

Mike Walker says:

Hiya. You have the NS10s with the none rotated drive unit. Have you tried placing them in the vertical position? I have the same NS10M uprights and it made an audible difference pertaining to stereo imaging and increased the listening sweet spot in size etc. Cool video man 🙂 best regards

Kenny Nguyen says:

Hey Jordan! Thanks again for another quality video. Just had a question about the NS10’s. Are you using a special foam or something to reduce vibration transmission through to your desk? If so, what is that?? Are they made by Yamaha or specficially fitted to hold NS10’s? Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing more from you!

mika461983 says:

great track on 0:38! your job? who is the artist?

J Canan says:

what do you power the ns10’s with?

Wessel says:

If you used the HS8’s and wanted something smaller, why not go for the HS7’s instead of the NS-10’s?

Robert Klemple says:

All that you mentioned with Pro Tools is exactly whey i went to Presonus Studio One… highly recommended!  Love it

Louis Sellers says:

Great tour and principles – many thanks!

Adrian Loera says:

Hey Jordan, what settings do you find yourself using when running the vocal through your Distressor? I own 2 and I would really like to implement them but I can’t seem to get them to do what I want when it comes to vocals.

Ahmed Ibrahim says:

Great video

Firdaus Wee says:

Why did you stop doing recordings?

Robert Gonzalez says:

Nice!  This is mine in 2016.  Will update this year check for me.

Will Anderson says:

Top 3 books?

Guitar Player says:

yamaha NS 10 for monitoring? really? wow…

Vinnie Batten says:

Cheers Jordan!

Hooli TV says:

If u bought say waves Mercury and now pt 12 uses aax will waves give you what u own in new format or do you have to repurchase?

Digi Sound Studio says:

Wow, your setup is just AWESOME! very simple but very effective. Very great Video and studio tour, Thanks Jordan for posting this video. Great!

Ryan Hayden says:

Awesome video man.

leonardo jobst says:

Great video!

Samuel Shin says:

Considering that 99% of home studio tours are essentially about showing off accumulated gear, it was incredibly refreshing and inspiring to see someone actually embody the principle of using what is necessary and effective for achieving results, no less, no more. Thank you for your insight, all the best.

Musikality says:

Yaaaaasss Gollum 😀

Paolo Pianezzola says:

Many thanks Jordan! Anyway.. something cheaper than the Presonus central station? Thank you!

Dirty Joe Records says:

Nice setup dude! Now from what I’ve read having your monitors on the sides is not the best way to have them…correct me if I’m wrong, just saying.

Bryan Papic says:

JV, I just got a set of NS10s for my home setup. I love them. Im used to them from my old job and the studios I work at. What amp do you use, and do you fuse them? Ive heeard so many things, and I trust you and was curious about your setup in that regard. Bryan

Taylor Powell says:

Great video! What kind of desk is that btw? I’m looking for a new one myself.

Studeo74 says:

I’m in the exact same situation (PT HD 8 on a MacPro)

gregory curry says:

Thanks, Jordan. Nice job, but you didn’t mention a key piece of your rig — your chair! What do you like? What don’t you like?

Hakim Lee says:

How do you buss the tracked vocal stems thru the distressor with the duet2?

Darren M says:

Not a musician? What a waste of time.

jimmy lennon says:

lovely it

angrybonbon says:

Great room, great video and great advice as always.

Luke Isaac says:

Thanks for the tour! What is the make on that broadcast style mic stand? Thx in advance.

max8591 says:

Great video! What do you use if you only get guitar DIs and need to reamp them?

lookingforheather says:

Glad I’m not the only one with a closet full of old gear. Maybe you can help….should I sell my mic’s? I really only mix now , any tracking I do in a studio. But don’t want to sell thousands of dollars worth of mic’s and regret it but I could also put that money to newer stuff that I’d use !? Any advice ?

Andrew Condon says:

Cool stuff dude.

Paul Carter says:

Did I miss the explanation of the Gollum statue?? Ha. Very cool video. Thanks Jordan!

Kalm Kaos says:

Jman, thanks for letting us into your rig. Keep up all the awesome tutorials! Any chance of a following for the Toms EQ vid – this time on the compression techniques post EQ.

Jordan says:

my canadian brethren ! we have very similar setups haha

Amir Hidayatullah says:

10:23 this is why ProTools sucks. Just switch to REAPER and it develops regularly with lot features and compatibility to all kinds of plugins.

Trevor Okonuk says:

Why do you tilt your NS10’s horizontal? I’ve heard people talk against it a lot because it widens the stereo image.

Sam Gilman says:

okay okay what’s that song in the beginning?!

Hog Blockula says:


Perry Pelican says:

I don’t rave about one daw being better than another. Its about productivity and what is best for your workflow and what makes you as creative as possible. But I do wonder about why anyone would stay with protools considering the insane cost and not getting anything that anyone has told me, for that extra money. I never used protools. Can you tell me why you use it. I am always open to opinions from knowledgeable people and you seem to be in that category. I like reaper, but if I can get a step ahead with another daw, so be it. I am a very fast learner and adapt easily. I obviously won’t switch for minor things, especially when the investment is daunting. Reaper is almost free and has continuous updates and improvements. Protools scares me considering no one really speaks out about it being great. They only seem to use it because they know it well.i also hear it is unstable. I would like a real opinion from a user like you.

Jacob Gudge says:

This was a great watch as always! What are you using to power the NS10’s?

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