Roland AIRA MX-1 Mix Performer In-Depth Effects Demonstration & Audio Samples

See and hear the AIRA MX-1 Performance Mixer’s effects demonstrated by Ed Dias from Roland at Sonic Sense Resource Center (SSRC). Check out what he does with it using Ableton Live.

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VinceVega303 says:

Superb Demo!

Horst Guyle says:

This is boring! Only on live Track? Better get in Touch befor Talking bout it

Bobby Kartoha says:

Is it possible to use it with IPad? For instance with Korg app(from ableton)

T Delic says:

I zoned out. “Master Effects” doesn’t mean that it’s on the master track, and you can split your effects to what track you want, yes?

silvio vega says:

Great demo. Thanks!!! One question. Can the Mx1 control the tempo of the gear connected?

MinimalWave1982 says:

Is it true that the MX1 hasnt a reverb ?

Lumhiere says:

this demo really rocks and very informative too! nice job on pulling this one! 🙂

Sentoki Studios says:

Hi do you know if you can Midi Map the faders and mute button whist in Ableton Live mode? If the MX-1 is set to Ext > aBleton live mode the track faders and their mute (disarm track) buttons do not correspond with my DAW. I have updated but the solo, sends, record, solo and play button only seems to work. thanks

Fhernando says:

So “master channel” means i cant do the same to some individual channels in my ableton track?

Jacob Watters says:

Great video Ed. It is a nice overview of what makes this mixer so special.

Beau says:

Just what i needed to see, i know what i need to know and how it works so why boring! Big up, i am ordering one 😉

Machiwoomiapoo says:

It’s great to see you using the MX-1 Ed Dias. You enjoy the Aira gear just as much as I do. Thanks for the tutorial. I really appreciate it. Take care, Sam.

SJ says:

Good demo of effects much appreciated.

MastersonDeliBois says:


Satyan Patel says:

Thank you for details on the effects. Very intuitive and easy to follow.

aniseed says:

is there a reverb effect? it seems strange for there not to be one

guthyrenker says:

super annoying loop but informative none the less, cheers 🙂

Matt Buri says:

Great demo!  Thank you : )

Bram Bugajski says:

very very quick, very Easy. 😀 thanks for this!

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