Roland AIRA MX-1 Mix Performer Demo by Sweetwater Sound

Get the AIRA MX-1 Mix Performer here:

Brandon Ryan from Roland presents the AIRA MX-1 Mix Performer. After the video, click the link above for even more info and hi-res photos of the AIRA MX-1 Mix Performer.


tibiluk99 says:

i wanna buy this mixer.can ibplay traktor on it?

Vamphaery says:

Not to sound like a shill or anything, but I generally never shop anywhere but Sweetwater. Good prices, AMAZING customer service, very personable (and personal.) Plus… you get candy! 😛

Lux Likuid says:

Fresh MX-1 video guys..just got my MX-1 & TR-8 from you guys last week..

TehSpudz0r says:

Excellent demo, perfect way to show off how these work together.

Nacht Kind says:

Thanks for that good Demo.And where the heck do i get colored Caps for the TB3 ??????

nengstro says:

And one more question… can use it to combine audio from FL STudio, and audio from external synths ( that are controlled by FL studio) that also can be recorded ….     sorry, but mixers didnt look like this last time I checked

ControversyRadio says:

So, can I run a mini nova and an ultra nova into this mixer at the same time while using reason daw?

Rob Lo says:

Can you key the sidechain on Track “X” to duck track “Y” or is it just a sidechain locked to each track and programmable via the step sequencer?

Billy Burnett says:

Hey there i use 5 symths in my set sent into my Zed 14 desk straight into ableton. the problem im facing is it only gives me a stereo output so i cant control tracks individually. Would i be able to plug all my synths into this and control them individually in ableton? thanks for the vid?

nengstro says:

I like the green frames on the machines

Glenfiddich101 says:

Thanks for doing this demo as it’s great for learning 🙂 The MX-1 is the dogs bollocks !! B-)

Glen 🙂

bwdu vulw says:

dus est neht fwer wns gabuwt

Solomon Jenkins says:

how many channels will this output simultaneously into my daw?


I’m not impressed. You can get the same thing from a cheap midi controller and effects in Ableton. All those buttons make it seem complicated also, the guy had no idea what he was doing half the time. You should not have to think so much when making music. Roland should have made something with 1000 different effects stuff like random glitchs db blue style not the same chessy beat repeat and flanger you can do in ableton for free.

Pribbip says:

That Geri Halliwell hair though

misteremagic says:

Great video !

Kevin Bruff says:

Aria Link – Amazing.

James G says:

guys does the usb connect/sync the tr8 and tb3?

Robots In Boxes says:

oh, the only other mixer ive seen that is a performance machine was the oreiginal Kaoss pad with the mixer- it was pure awesome too

Aaron Downie says:

First demo I’ve seen utilizing the features I had hoped to see. I’m sold on the MX-1.

dazzajames72 says:

Great job- really feeling it- excellent demo

Mister Reaver says:

This thing is glorious!

Kelvin Dominick says:

That slicing of the synth notes when played sounds awesome, any one know of a way of doing something similar in Ableton

MTGP Official says:

Hi do you know if you can Midi Map the faders and mute button whist in Ableton Live mode? If the MX-1 is set to Ext > aBleton live mode the track faders and their mute (disarm track) buttons do not correspond with my DAW. I have updated but the solo, sends, record, solo and play button only seems to work. thanks

muzz brudr says:

Nice remember at the time when the 303, 606, 808 and 909 was in huge demand, the price of a 303 went from $100 up to $4000 lol, I dont know how many times people were calling out to Roland to re-release these fine machines back in 1993. Besides that grey workstation (forgot name) they released (which was shit) it took them what? 20years to do it lol! I wish I still had my Roland JD-800 -hoping for a re-release of that synth someday too..

3Rev Videos and Stuff says:

Any word on when you all will get it- I’m hearing April 7 but I think it’s being released in the UK already.

Thomas Gandey says:

Brilliant Video.  thanks Brandon.

techstyle123 says:

Awsome demo well done

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