Review of Old El Paso Guacamole Mix, How to Cut an Avocado, and My First Taste of Guacamole

I just love, love bringing all of you along as I try something new and give you a review of my tastes of that food. This is about Guacamole and my first experience tasting it using Old El Paso Guacamole Mix. WOW, What I have missed out with this awesome dish!!


NanaBananaTWD says:

hi hi debbie…!!!! omg i love guacamole its heaven soo good it is one of my favorites although i dont get it often but i looooove it lol…. idk if you have found a few tips on making it but here are a few that i know of when it comes too guacamole… when you cover it with the plastic wrap press it down too where it touches the mixture so it wont turn dark green or get a skin on it and another thing too keep it from turning green is adding a little bit of lime juice too it and placing the pit into it but just remember too take the pit out when your ready too eat it O.O lol… too make mashing it easier on me and who ever makes it in my house we use our potato masher it works wonders i actually use it for a lot of things especially when cooking meats that are ground separates it into small pieces perfectly with less effort..!!!!

Jimmy Two-Times says:

Guacamoleez fo da Devil

Michelle's Crafts & More says:

I love guacamole.  It is soooo good. 🙂

Liv Jayne says:

Great review, thanks for sharing 🙂

appleseeds32 says:

Thanks for sharing…..

Gardeninggirl1107 says:

Great review Debbie, glad you enjoyed it !

Darlene Devine says:

Dice  up   some   tomatoes   throw  it   in there    🙂

Howard Johnson says:

Guacamole is fine, but I like them just the way they come off the tree.

My Mom Usta cut them open, remove the seed (which as often as not we’d grow in a glass) fill the hole with mayonnaise (Which as we all know is either Best Foods [West of the Rockies], or Hellman’s [East of the Rockies]), put the halves back together and pop them into our lunches.  Oh, good stuff.


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