Review: iRig MIX by IK Multimedia

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My full review of the iRig Mix by IKMultimedia.




A detailed list of what I use to make my videos!

Camera & Audio Gear

Camera – Canon 60D:
Canon 24-70mm 2.8 lens
Canon 50mm 1.4 lens
Zoom H1:
Blue Yeti USB Mic:

Computer & Editing

2011 Quad-Core i7 15″ MacBook Pro:
27″ Apple Thunderbolt Display:
Logitech Performance MX Mouse:
Logitech K750 Mac Keyboard:
Software: Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Keynote & Photoshop CS5

Music Gear:

Yamaha HS80M Studio Monitors (Pair):
Apogee One USB Interface:
Audio Technica ATH-M50 Headphones:
Klipsch S4i In-Ear Headphones:


Jack Higgins says:

That’s amazing

ChristianIsTech says:

Holy Crap this thing is really cheap!
Might have to get one ughhh johnathan see what you do lol

unchartedfan34 says:

what do we press if we liked ur DJ skills?

Poushal says:

looks shabby. will break easily 4 sure

Koh Keng says:

Hahas it was good!

Matt Orman says:

I’m getting on for sure ! I’m gonna use my iPod and iPad (:

Gamma 144 says:

I plan on getting one I think it’s a way better deal that the “pokket mixer” from Berlin with was I think 100 but this is cheaper and over a better deal in my opinion. Hope this helps DJ on 🙂

Eric Mcdonald says:

Pull off some crazy shtuff

baorozzo says:

I’m going to record drums on my video, with iphone…
Would you suggest it?
Otherwise, what should i use?

Peter Y says:

Your bpm was off and did not beat match lol 🙂

disasterdesigns says:

2:53 shhtuff

MrLa1997 says:

How much is it

djplayer93 says:

Doesn’t matter, still more useful than a tablet.

Mitchseen says:

Top marks for the review, the product looks useful.

MrYxuz says:

1:40 whats with the finga

Penguinboy1995 says:

looks cheepy made

BigNate84 says:

You really do great work. I enjoy watching.

Hung Nguyen says:

b/c you dont need it obviously. :

robcol125 says:

Good to hace you back Jonathan. Liked your dj skills btw. Keep making these kind of videos. :))))

zMacintoshz says:

Does it work with djay from algorithm ?

Dee Jay says:

I got it at for $85 with $10 coupon at itrendystuff . com….good deal for its features

m10Grizzly says:

Is it anything for android users

Media Environment says:

I just get one MC3000 from Denon and i love…

But this is realy cool, i see in the store and i want one too…

I love play with my iPad in BeatGrid2 and MixVibes, and this will be very usefull for me 😀

Mrawesomeball says:

i have those headphones 🙂 and i bought them because of you 🙂

Vidit Chaudhary says:

Good to see you after a while.

Dane Marstrom says:

you look like a dj 😀

partick murphy says:

Good review going to buy one thanks

DJ Prince Ice says:

Great review

Davydude7 says:

Thats actually pretty cool. And I LoLed at the diskman sitting next to it.

Eam Udom Orng says:

I miss you jon !!!

Luda12Plyr says:

hes better than Skrillex

Media Environment says:

And the notebook price? Where is?

robcol125 says:

Have you back I meant :))

Jordan Parachoniak says:

where have you been?

Ivan Yafimtsau says:

Gay noobs)

Jafar Al-Moosa says:

WELCOME back ,, Good to see you again ,, and the DJ wasn’t really that bad bty 😛

MrCoolSponge says:

We need more apple stuff review

Jackson Welch says:

no just stop please.

tankshavin says:

Welcome back Jon!

Rye Jessen says:

You have more skills than me

MC Ride says:

Lol CD player, good one.

Jesus says:

Is it compatible with DJay for iPad?

Onyx Knight says:

where’s our diablo 3 review!?

ryorye says:

Can you use youtube as well to play music and mix?

Dee Jay says:

i wish it has a cue to master adjustment for headphone and not just cue. this is very common on DJ mixer.

Jesumus says:

Just buy a decent controller 😉

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