Recording/Mixing Studio Desk

Here is a quick breakdown of what I used to construct my recording/mixing desk. Links to all products below. Also check out how to make the night stand into a gear rack here

The Ikea desk

The Nightstand

The rack rails–Pair–100996115-i1427116.gc

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Filmed with Canon G7X


treztracks says:


Pnut Producer says:

What type of Camara are you using? Looks very HD lol thanks.

Dodi Bali says:

Hey man! Thanks for the video when cutting the rast stand in half i wont have both sides same shape since bottom part of rast looks different and have longer edge than upper part! What did you do to make both halves look the same! Thank you!

Abu Latif says:

Hi Boss, what is the specification your iMac and what ProTool Version?

Peace from Switzerland

stuprint182 says:

cool video and desk bro, i didn’t like the plastic legs on that desk i seen on ikea website. so I’m ordering SJUNNE (legs) £10 each. LINNMON (table top) 150cm length, 75cm width, 3.4cm thickness £35. SIGNUM (cable trunking) £10. EKBY TONY (shelf piece) 119cm length, 28cm depth, 2.5cm thickness £23. CAPITA (shelf legs) 9cm height £8 pack of 4. = £116 all together. to me thats a good price and i can’t wait to get this desk. i don’t like ikeas £25 delivery. might be cheaper to get a big taxi to fit the table top in at least. i do like black things but i already have an old black glass desk that i have to clean every 2 minutes because i smoke and u can see ash and dust on it straight away so now I’m going for a glossy white. also i will be wanting them strip lights for the back of the desk that change colour with a remote. they look cool and change ya mood swing. i hear u can get them on amazon.

Rachid Ajewher says:

nice desk but i think the speakers you have is bigger than what your room need

DS POET says:

Out of all the monitors. Why did you choose the Rokit 10’s. Also, do you use a sub woofer?


The Best Camera Ever , That’s Something More Than HD.

Clear_Sound_ProductionsLLC 36 says:

how do you like the MPA? I just ordered the pro channel ll

Mattheous Blake says:

Hey, thanks for the video.. Is there any alternatives for the Ikea Rast Nightstand since i cant buy it in europe for some reason. 🙂

3xE: DE24 says:

You should get a behringer x-touch instead of the faderport

Proxide says:

I have that desk and heavy speakers so I went to ikea and bought 2 floating shelves for them

Clinton Pullen says:

Why do have your speakers sideways like that.

ROLi djXtraordinar says:

Very smart and creative. My apartments’ small… No room for a desk. Own 2 large video monitors. Had them mounted on my wall, creating more space for my gear. Purchased 4 eating tray folding tables, 3 laptop stands. for gear (laptops, controllers, interfaces….blah blah blah). Sound monitors sitting at ear level upon cinder blocks. Home studio on a budget. Love it. Works for me. You’re tips are inspiring. Thank you.

Jeanmark Rodriguez says:

Awesome desk bro! Thinking of putting that Rast rack on my desk to! You really gave me great ideas! And what camera did you use for this vid?

Hay NaHDa II says:

Thank’s bro

Junshu Zheng says:

Could you please post the link for the umbrella and the light here? Thx

Uglyboiii300 says:

I’m kinda low on money to get that stuff any thing free that I can get? Like a app or some


how do you connect the other M Audio or how can I use more than one interface on one Computer sir ?????

Brennan Cooper says:

Sick setup bro.

Raytheon Orion says:

Rast ftw! London Ikea doesn’t have this version of the Rest anymore I don’t think. Trying to get a couple on Ebay.

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