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Watch Associate Bob and Quikrete’s Randy Williams demonstrate the different types of Quikrete Concrete mix, including ready-to-use, high early strength, crack resistant and fast setting concrete types, along with their PSIs.


GalvanizedSouls says:

We were proud to use Quikrete for our first official lyric video. Great product!

D Monty says:

BK A, that”s why I prefer Lowes, their stores are always clean, neat and orderly.

Peter Sab says:

This vid is bogus…I went into Home Depot and made a concrete slab in front of the racks and got kicked out

paul stephenson says:

this rapid set is it full of additives would it affect reinforcing in concrete posts

Adam Baum says:


Danny Smith says:

I used the same exact bags of Commercial grade concrete mix crack resistance shown here in the orange bag and my result were much different I couldn’t get a smooth surface like he is showing here it has mainly rocks which wouldn’t be very good for a walking surface of any kind,I mixed it up in a shallow plastic tub with the correct water mix.

Izaac Wopz says:

Great video: all I needed to know.

Jack Mehoff says:

So, like if someone isn’t paying their dues and I need to make them a pair of concrete boots before I drop them in the Hudson river I’ll want to use the quick set-up right? Or would all the water from the river just dissolve their boots perhaps offering them a chance to wriggle free?…I need to get this right…now can you direct me to the duct tape?

Joe Lee says:

Did he say “it gets quick fast”?????????????

omegapointil says:

I want to make “white” slabs for a patio.  Those slabs look white enough but is that just the video tweaking the color?   Also would like them to be smooth like a swimming pool surround would be.  What foundation would be recommended under the crackles variety?  thanks

donna doyle says:

what happens when too much water is added ? how long does it take to set ?

Darius Henderson says:

Nice video, but what about the others? Shouldn’t there be a part 2, to explain about the other types of quikrete that’s sold? I’d like to learn about them too! Because watching this video explains a lot, and I know now we what quikrete we SHOULD HAVE got when we put up a fence, but we got what was recommended to us from the home depot people. And we should’ve got the red bag that’s talked about last on here. Still worked fine, just took longer. P.S. This isn’t Darius, it’s his sister.

Jim R says:

Actually much?

aamir saifi says:


WhatsUpShady says:

What concrete would I use for a inground basketball goal

James A. says:

Jeez, lighten up guys!

donna doyle says:

yes I noticed   I added too much my stepping stone cracked

beertek22 says:

very informative and well-presented.. lf l have to make a concrete (wood-fed) stove,w/c one of these products is most suitable to handle the heat generated by say,constant or long periods of cooking in the outdoors?would l also be needing some wire mesh or small dia.steel bars as framing to make the whole structure hold or not?what kind of mix/ratio of the mat’ls do you recommend to make the stove last? thanks and more power.

who Hi says:

learning so much. overloaded.

Joe Lee says:

“So Randy, you’re telling me we have five different types of concrete?”…………”no dummy, pay attention! The first two are the same except one is a 60lb bag and the other is an 80lb bag………….OF THE SAME DAMN THING!!!!!!”  DUMMY!

Joe Lee says:

“Finishing concrete and pushing it like that usually requires a larger tool”………that’s because you’re usually working with more concrete over a larger area. They train the real good ov’air at thu home depot

congausa1 says:

Can I use any of these product for driveway?

doubleg137 says:

I put the recommended amount of water written on the bag into the mix.. it was still dry throughout.. WTF?

David Caccivio says:

Thank you guys for making this video I will be using fast setting concrete mix for setting posts for my Eagle Scout Project, all I needed to know. I am now off to The Home Depot.

Shaun says:

awesome hands on video. thanks home depot!

Janice Gruver says:

You can search on YouTube
“QUIKCRETE Building and Repair Projects”
QUIKCRETE has many videos you can check out to learn about many of their products and projects.

Wilberto Torres says:

Can you use it to attach a hand rail to brick stairs

YakMan NC says:

I’m about to install fences. How many posts can each bag cover?

Anonymous says:

Great Vid, thanks Home Depot

thetruth says:

dude I want to extend foot wall in my garage would 5000 work or crack resistance type ?

Joe Lee says:

“So Randy let’s talk about my personal favorite premium concrete mix. This is the fast set concrete product. Right?”………hmmmmm I don’t know dummy you tell me. It is supposedly your “personal favorite premium concrete mix”. I’d think you would know which one it is. Pay attention dummy!

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