Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 Official Introduction

Battle Ready: The new DJM-S9 two-channel mixer for Serato DJ puts the power of personalisation in DJs’ hands, with a fast, accurate and customisable crossfader, plus Performance Pads and FX buttons that DJs can map to suit their preferences. The mixer delivers plug-and-play integration with Serato DJ’s four decks and boasts DVS support, on-board Beat FX, two USB sound cards, and a top-loaded input switcher for seamless DJ transitions.

The DJM-S9 is built to withstand the most rigorous scratch performances and suit every DJ’s style. The proprietary magnetic crossfader is both robust and responsive, with customisable Fader Bumpers, feeling adjust, cut lag and fader curve. The colour-coded Performance Pads give instant access to loops, cues, samples and rolls – or DJs can reconfigure the pads to trigger their favourite Serato DJ functions.

Plus DJs can customise the FX buttons and banks to their choice of 55 Serato DJ FX and 15 on-board Beat FX, and manipulate the parameters with a wet/dry dial on each channel. And the FX On/Off lever means they can exit their creative compositions in a flash.

The versatile DJM-S9 is at home in any pro-DJ set-up. DVS control means DJs can use CDJs and turntables to control Serato DJ; non-Serato DJ users can access the on-board FX and use the Performance Pads to give tactile performances without the software.

The DJM-S9 will be available from late October 2015

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Music used:

ADJ – Broken Weasel – Ricochet Records

Qbert – Terminator Eyeball – Thud Rumble

Goals – Forthcoming Release

SNAILS – King Is Back (ft. Big Ali) – Kannibalen Records

Terrorbyte – Shaolin Drunken Bass – Beta Test Records

Qbert – Crosshair Instrumental – Thud Rumble


Berner Salvador says:

Yo is there a new four channel mixer on the way from Pioneer????????

Point38 says:

I won’t be getting it because of shitty Serato.

Sanjay Biswas says:

Rone Biswas

damo damo says:

what vinyl is that, the 2 white ones with the eye in the middle?

Deshawn Wordizbon says:

I need this in my arsenal!!!!

Yasin Shaikh says:

+pioneer DJ teel me indian price the pioneer dj please

james liffe says:

super cool

sumkid702 says:

no panning at all

DJ I-RIZE says:

when will it come out

analher says:

What’s the point?? Rane is gonna try to out do Pioneer, then y’all will be like Rane is better than this… I have my m5gs, djm 2000, dicers, sl4, my 4 qsc tops and 2 b52 subs etc. Why would you spend more money on sumthin that yu already have?? Ppl it’s all about saving them dollas (smh).. A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED!! aka Blaze

DJ Diva Scratch says:

I am absolutely in love with this mixer .. I can’t wait to get mines!

Evillincoln says:

It feels really good to finally be up on the new shit. This is easily the best mixer I’ve ever used. Best fader I’ve ever felt. Best sound I’ve ever heard from a mixer. Hands down this is an impressive piece of hardware.

DenisLYSS says:


Javier Huata Paredes says:

dj javier

Juan Pablo Nahle leal says:

Hi can you check my new New ProgressiveHouse Mix please!! and leave a comment

CreativeVisualsAus says:

Save your money, Pioneer always have a habit of fukin up their mk1s! lol! Rane will have a better mixer out next year and by then pioneer will be on their 3rd revision of this mixer! I trust the build quality of a Rane any day over Pooineer!

Calimangrower 1 says:

62 or nothing

Beats&Wheels says:

Is it possible to use the s9`s soundcards simultaneously with serato DJ and Ableton Live?


Does this S9 works with SSL ?

Santiago Zempoaltecalt says:

son los mejores

Star Lord says:

DJM 909! Fo Eva!

calibomber209 says:

I’m gonna test this at guitar center

DJ SINLess says:

dang…they used the big guns when launching this…Jazzy Jeff, Qbert…wow!

Sbe Dj says:

I bought mine & love it, fader settings are insane.

Alexa Zajdel says:

Seriously though!!! Is that clear teal Serato control vinyl unreleased or something? I cannot find it anywhere on the internet and I need it now! Somebody help me get my hands on it! 😛 I just pre-ordered the S9! Cannot wait!

zach pike says:

Where do you get the vinyl with the eye?

Geant Suseno says:


BallerBeats says:

I freakin like this!!!!!

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