Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 (Review) | Switching to Rekordbox DJ

VLOG 214 – Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 (Review) | First Look and demo of the new Rekordbox DJ Controller (Product Spotlight) | Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1(Tutorial) | Rekordbox DJ Lighting Control

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 is a 4-channel professional performance DJ controller for rekordbox DJ.

Make the most of rekordbox dj’s enhanced new features with the dedicated 4-channel DJ controller. Featuring the professional layout inherited from the flagship NXS2 models, it’s the portable, compact solution for performing at parties and events. The DDJ-1000 features all-new high definition LCD screens on each jog wheel, allowing you to keep your eyes intuitively on the deck.

Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1 is DMX interface for rekordbox lighting mode.
Perform intuitive lighting patterns designed in rekordbox dj on all DMX512-supported lighting fixtures using our RB-DMX1 dedicated interface. Create and save multiple configurations in Lighting mode, then use this convertor to quickly interface your PC or Mac to DMX fixtures from a wide variety of manufacturers.

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Darrin Lavigne says:

get man that is an awsome controler

julian Teran says:

Nice video dj barr

GJohny7 says:

I ‘ll switch over to ddj 1000 too on summer

Dj king jeff says:

hey dj Barr don’t for get to subscribed my channel  Dj king Jeff 
sending the love your support to your channel dj Barr

Mike Davis says:

Hey Barr what’s Dj Tex’s YouTube channel I’m confused on ur Post lol

LLoyoc says:

Great job on the video
Thanks for sharing bro!

Steady Manos says:

I like the Lyrics Effects.. I play music video and that would look dope..

Gilbert Romero says:

What’s good DJ Barr! Hey brother I wanted to buy a Gigbar 2 but I haven’t seen any good videos on it. Could you get your hands on one and do a review. It’s a great light for beginners and advanced djs who want to do a simple setup.

ken ark says:

this thing will sell big if there is serrate version with same price. they know if they release it for serato..the sz2 won’t sell no more..

Kere Amohau says:

Serious question. Will my 2011 macbook be able to handle all of this. Videos, lights etc. I have a standard HDD.

David Tramacchi says:

So you think it’s wise to have both Sound & Lighting running off same laptop?? If Rekordbox crashes the whole show (music AND lights goes down). I think it’s a great concept but I want to wait a while till they iron out the bugs and ensure it’s rock solid stable.
…What happens if I also want to keep lights running when the music is off??

Edgar Huerta says:

I think I found my new controllers. I’m sold. Finally have a reason to switch from VD8 to another software

MBF MBF says:

I got the ddj rb and the fact it came with a full unlocked version of rekord box is amazing

DJ Dynablend says:

Recordbox is getting more advanced! The mixer section is the best on the new controller, full club spec

Mix Master Hak says:

dope vid bro

Jimmy Spin says:

Jay’s a trip… Add Active platter…

DJ Supetown says:

Dam bro u are super hyped. Lol.

DJ Timmy Snyder says:

Hey DJ Barr. Love watching your Vlogs. I own a SZ2 and I hate that Pioneer does this studd. Spent 1900 euro on my SZ2 and now they come out with this for 1100 USD. I hate that stuff. Oh well. Still like your Vlogs.

Vince Gibbs says:

Rekordbox is leaps and bounds way ahead of Serato. Pioneer is smart. They are concentrating on the future and are slowly taking over a huge chunk of the DJ market. The only people who will cling to Serato for dear life are the old school cats who can’t see/understand or imagine using anything else… and that’s okay too.


That Pioneer 1000 def is tempting.

Kavin Manikandan says:

Welcome to rekordbox Barr…. I use it all the time. It’s a wonderful piece of software. Lot of wonderful features. Enjoy

Odell Miller DJ says:

Check out my first Gig Log and let me know what you think!!

DJ Kike3o5 says:


Pauluz says:

Impressed with the lighting feature! Serato has a third party solution but since I’m already in the Pioneer ecosystem I will definitely stay there 🙂

neolightproductions says:

Tempting. That did sound pretty sweet.

WeddingDJBusiness says:

You’re like a manufacturer’s dream come true.:) The future tech for pioneer stuff with rekordbox syncing up lights was smart might knock out serato although they will all probably start doing it soon..

DJ Walter Blogs says:

witch one is better ? SZ2 or DDJ -1000 ?

C Sanchez says:

The Rekordbox DMX is wireless?

FranksTube says:

unboxing video of DDJ 1000

Chris W says:

Mobius = Shepard tone

Steve Mcc says:

Hey DJ Barr nice video. I started using Rekordbox DJ last month and so far it’s a champ. I like Serato, but I like Rekordbox DJ more and I’ve tested it for up to 5 hours nonstop for a month with no problems. Good luck

WalmartsWifi / Walmart Designs says:

Hey Barr make a video showing us how you make custom (color) coded cAbles for your clients.

djmanny_leon says:

I did my research, and turns out the soundcard in that DDJ1000 SUCKS!! It’s only rated at 24bit/44.1khz. While the Roland DJ-808 is rated at amazing 24bit/96khz for the same price!

lol says:

its amazing what pioneer has done in such little time, makes the other contenders for the top spot in dj software look like a joke ..bye traktor bye vdj, watch out serato rekordbox is stepping on your better get your act together and step up to the plate

DJ Supetown says:

Record box looks dope. been mixing the videos for awhile now

From the eyes of Shaun says:

so dope <3

DJ Jas says:

who is going nuts about this… same shit again n again n again … so many company made controllers already….. new light dmx from pioneer.. already sound switch came with Serato.. they copied the same concept for rekorbox………. they must Update nxs to nxs 3 now… denon sc5000 are way powerful ….. coz of tour series, pioneer isn’t not able to update to nxs3… reason tour1 serious premium price.. if they come early with nxs3 .. pioneer will be fucked by who paid for tour 1 series

philip Balistreri says:

Does this new controller support serato dj ??

The Rock says:

Great review thank you Bayardo

Dj Paco says:

They should make the ddj-1000 for Serato!

Pj Slots says:

Sending the Love and Support to your channel.

lynn mcgonigle says:

I cant hear anything?

Dj Bitz says:

Holy Wack-A-Moly!!!!

Albert Lara says:

I went nuts for the DDJ 1000 and thought about buying it when it came out until I found out about Rekordbox. The Serato cues and loops don’t transfer to Rekordbox. Good luck DJing without cues and loops because I’m 99.99% sure all Latin clubs have Serato and not Rekordbox. Get the DDJ 1000 and that will pigeonhole you to doing private events and not be able to accept Latin club gigs. Also, I find the waves of Rekordbox outdated when DJing genres that change BPMs like Salsa and Bachata.

cr8ive says:

Amen brother….this is a true game changer by Pioneer. That unit is killing it…

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