Pioneer DDJ 400 Performance Mix – EDM, House, Reggaeton

In this weeks Sunday DJ Skills we put a performance mix together using the Pioneer DDJ 400 Rekordbox controller.

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Divger says:

Make tutorial please!

Иван Шманцарь says:

Красавчик вообще!!))) я сегодня такую же купил щас учусь )) сводить

NamelessTech812 says:

Not to hate but it is absolute shit mate. Too much fx, off beat, transitions were shit. Some were good but the rest is just ear fuckery. Don’t stratch if you have not learned before. It is nice speed tho but this thing live would not work. It is premade asw, if you are gonna do a good mix know the songs and do not use cuepoints and sync. This is honestly just a headache… And the transition to the track: “Let’s get ill” is just a big fucking headache, it’s shit mate. I’ve done DJing before but I guarantee to you that I have heard better mixes with only the Virtual DJ software on a laptop without a controller. And finish off a scratch with echo effect. Just awful mate and so premade… I listen to a lot of different genres and have listened to numerous mixes but this is just ew…

Facundo Raia says:

I want to be like you when I grow up, wait a minute!, i’m 40!. Well done!

shahid islam says:

Wow, apple smart watch performance

***MNL*** says:

is it possible to make a 8 bar loop on this controller ? thnkx

Kage Express says:

Fucking Skillz! This is why you went from 2 k subs to 85k in just a year. Not sure how much prep and practice you do to perform but regardless the end product is amazing.


que version de recordbox es esa la puedes pasar

Navy Seals Airsoft says:

App edit ? Efect


How he was able to sync deck 2 completely to deck 1. Idk what to cll this technically.. but the song started playing from the exact same point on Deck 1 as of Deck 2 @ 5:43 to 5:47

I know how to do it on CDJs. But not on controller. That long pressin sync button dont work..

Ian Williams says:

This makes me want to not start DJing, lmao good fucking shit!

justin khine says:

i have ddj-rb but after watching your 400 review….. i want 400 now ……. lol

DOGE TV says:

Pls make a russian hardbass mix

ian nick says:

Wanna trade my sb2 for this. Do u think that its wise to do that or they are practically the same??

Ayden Hillman says:

Madness , great mate !

Samurai R 1 M says:

Between ddj-sb3 and ddj-400, which one is better????

Magoyogur Lol says:

Mira que el reggueton no me gusta pero el remix si

Antonio el porno gratis says:


Dmitry Ermilov says:

why don’t you match the BPM for both tracks? because you can afford to?

Cristian Bejarano says:


Tom says:

How long does it take to reach that level of skill he has? Or at least to “copy” this mixtape?


I like when u crosses the bpm.

wox arkham says:

Salut, comment on peut passer de bpm 125 à 105 sur CALIENTE?
je peux descendre à bpm 115 mais pas 105 …

lucca saettone says:

what songs did you use? regards from argentina

edm drop says:


DeejayJeanpierre Remix says:

7:08 LOL

Артём Цымбалюк says:


Marco Gallo says:

The first song?

Cvnn Pena says:

how to get 83290582 copyright strikes LOL 😀

XNerve Music says:

Is this worth for beginner who wants to learn Djing or should I go for sb or rb?

Tracy Higgins says:

Can you download your Spotify playlist on to record box to mix them?

Niall O Connor says:

Im thinking of starting off doing some mixing and iv looked into getting the ddj400 could i use a 4gb ram laptop or would it need to be bigger like an 8gb??? All answers appreciated thank you in advance

Max Raider says:

Stop mexican music

Sascha Graf says:

Hi jamie, at 2,25, how high is the setting for slip roll in you RB? Cheers man

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