Picking Your First DJ Setup (Budgets and More)

This video was made for the DJ gear market of 2014, for more up-to-date recommendations, subscribe to my channel: tinyurl.com/christianjackson

Which setup is right for your style and budget? I’ll talk you through the differences between controllers and decks as well as the best choices for different price ranges. For certain types of DJs, turntables and serato may be the best choice. For others, a Pioneer controller or CDJs work better.

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Renaissance Man says:

Nice summary and I agree. Better to get basic setup and learn the skills. I’d rather get production gear and entry controller so I can learn both production and mixing/DJ stuff.

Bejita Sūpā Saiya-jin Burū says:

and if you do hardcore gabber, frenchcore, terror, hardstyle, schranz
what you need, just a console like s4mk2 ?

Edkush says:

For a beginner I would really recommend pioneer DDJ RB, good for the price and comes with a great software.

Brian Russell says:

NEED A DJ CONTROLLER? NO CREDIT – NO INTEREST – PAYMENT PLANS! https://thedjpro.co/10-dj-controllers-no-credit-payment-plans/

Commander Kissa says:

where can i find the Vestax VCI-300 for low price?

Παναγιώτης Κωνσταντινίης says:

where i can find vestx vci 300?????

ItsVery Dank says:

I found a CDJ-2000 Nexus for $169. Should I buy it?

Naveen Kumar says:

You simply confused a beginner .. you need to suggest start up kit

pre record says:

I would recommend the Newmark party mix it’s around $100 and has all the basics that a new dj might need

DJ Perimo says:

Guys,please please can anyone tell me if this setup is for a beginner good? Numark Mixtrack Pro III

BC ELITE says:

What software can u use for a controller ( I’m house music fyi)

Arthur Martins says:

Hey guys help me out here… what do I need and what is just opcional?

Bottomless Pit says:


Dennis Marwood says:

Hey man best vid I’ve watched about what gear to buy – cheers! I’m wanting to get into DJing but am wanting to start making/producing tracks as well, could you clear up why you need decks over a controller for this and is there any production software that you’d recommend?

christian imenez says:

which one should i get Pioneer DDJ-SB2, Numan Mixtrack Platinum, Mixtrack Pro 3 or Pioneer DDJ-RB? Please help

Michael Grinshtat says:

you can buy whatever you want I don’t care best line ever

tiebo0 says:

and thanks,its a grate one to have

Diego Delgado says:

Hy my Name is Shawn.. i have a question wich Board is better or the best.. DDJ RX, SX, SX2, RZX, RZ or DENON MCX 8000 … ok Thanks i Hope for good answer and some Help Tipps

Renaissance Man says:

I am looking to produce music first with Ableton so going with portable mini keyboard+ Ableton Push controller then later a DJ controller.

VoyageOne1 says:

My first setup: 2x American Audio TTD2400s and an XDM200 mixer – purchased May 2004. Relatively inexpensive but it was a damn sight better than belt drive.

2nd Setup: 2x American Audio DTI 1.8s and ADJ QD-3 – Purchased Mar. 2005
as a package deal. Loved these decks to bits and ended up getting 7 yrs use out out them.

3rd Setup: 2x Reloop RP6000 (Pur. Oct 2011 and Numark M6USB (Apr. 2012).
Not the greatest club mixer but built like a brick toilet. Moved to DVS in Apr 2014
and swapped out my RP6000s for the 7000s in Sep 2015.

Current Setup: Reloop RMX80 (purchased Dec 2016) and Pioneer XDJ700 (since April). Finally said goodbye to DVS and switched to a more club standard system.

QuebeC VR says:

I think the DJM tour and four of the CDJ Tours would be appropriate for a casual bedroom DJ

Erik Molnar says:

why not 1200 Md3’s? not trying to be a nerd, just wondering if there is a problem with the md3s? Im rocking a pair of Pioneer cdj 900 and a 900 nexus mixer which I scored at a pawn shop for just under 2k. They were pawned by a local promoter who purchased them after he booked Steve Aoki. My first setup was Numark TT1 and a 2 channel Numark Mixer back in the Spring of 2000

DBPS dad says:

I like how u speak a sentence then stop the cam

saksham pancholi says:

can u suggest me speakers for djying in my home at my personal room or my roof top

nenufar says:

someone advice me pls: I am at point 0 of learning how to dj. I do know I’d like to mix specific sounds from different songs and put them together and add some of my own ideas of sounds to it. I like the idea of relying more on myself than a lap top. I’d love to mess with so many types of music and sounds, how should I start this? I have a $2000 budget

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