Petunia Pickle Bottom Inter-Mix System Deluxe Kit – What to Expect Review

The Inter-Mix System is a new approach to organizing all the different stuff your baby needs: lots of little boxes for pacifiers, snacks and who knows what else. Carmen Sognonvi reviews the Petunia Picklebottom Inter-Mix System Deluxe Kit for What to Expect.

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I am Carmen Sognonvi from what to expect and this is the Deluxe Kit from the Inter-Mix System from Petunia Pickle Bottom. Everyone knows that babies come with a surprisingly large amount of stuff from pacis, to wipes, to onesies and managing all of that can be challenging. And that’s exactly the problem this product is trying to solve with this innovative storage system.

This storage system is designed like a jewelry box or a bento box with different sized compartments that fit in to this rectangle. If someone had given those to me when I first had a baby I would have loved it, because I am such a nerd when it comes to organization.

One thing that’s useful about this system is that you don’t necessarily have to lug your whole diaper bag when you’re going to the bathroom or going somewhere. Another thing to love about this product, all of it is machine washable and I have definitely learned the hard way that machine washable is the way to go when it comes to baby stuff.

This caddy actually comes with velcroed straps at the bottom which come up like this. And then you can turn them in to a loop so that you can then attach this to your stroller. You can also just use it as a caddy on your changing table.

These compartments, as pretty as they are actually aren’t big enough to hold the larger things like diapers, wipes, and the full size baby bottles. I think it’s great for newborn moms, but once your baby gets three months, six months and beyond, this becomes a little bit more limited in it’s uses.

At $70 this deluxe kit is not inexpensive. And when you consider that the backpack where this fits in to the bottom compartment retails for $130, if you are getting the entire system you are looking at about $200.

All in all the Deluxe Kit from the Inter-Mix System is a really great way for moms to keep organized, whether you’re using it as a caddy on your changing table, or a stroller caddy, or as part of a system, that goes in to your backpack for diapers. This is a really, really useful product for moms.


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