NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja Pro Review Green Smoothie Test

In this NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja review we compare the most popular models from each brand, Nutri Ninja vs NutriBullet PRO – both with 900 watt motors – in a green smoothie blendoff using hard to blend ingredients kale and almonds.

NutriBullet PRO:
Nutri Ninja Pro:

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KittyLoves8265 says:

What is the difference between the NutriBullet Pro and the NutriBullet Rx?

Mert Anıl says:

This looks so healthy! I want to make so much fruit salads with this <3

Olivia Richards says:

I have the NutriBullet and every time i make a smoothie in it the liquid runs out from the lid and all over the base.EVERY TIME i use it!!

Melissa Thompson says:

when I twist my ninja it doesn’t seem to work and I can’t get it to come on do you have any suggestions YouTube

Alex Medina says:

Omgee I saw a review of Ninja and was on my way to but after this Hell no plus its like blending it yourself you never know if you blend it right by pressing down on the Ninja

Sand Dell says:

Prefiro o Ninja.

Tthe Second says:

Thanks for the video. I like Ninja because it’s called Ninja! Coolest appliance name ever. It works well but I am tired of chewing my smoothies. I may switch to the nutribullet or vitamix when my ninja stops working.

Q. Logik says:

There is a safety issue with NutriBullet. Not sure it’s been addressed:

jennifer jimenez says:

Thank you so much blender babes! I had the nutribullet then my mother in law loved it so i gave it to her and i started hearing about the ninja and i was thinking about buying it. Im so glad i didn’t buy it yesterday. Definitely buying myself the nutribullet pro. I miss my baby.

Tony Santana says:

Thanks for the video I am sold with the winner

Johagaby says:

Se ve claramenre que estan vendidas hacia el lado del nutribullet…a las actrices se les nota demasiado!

Tinx Faye says:

Thanks for this video!

CAF91060 says:

I bought both of these. After using them daily for about 2 months, the Nutribullet started leaking. Am still using my Nutri Ninja. No complaints and they both worked the same as far as being smooth with no grit.

Moore-Harris Ryann says:

This is not safe watch inside edition because there are so many cases about these things

j d says:

Too busy for smoothies? Lol. Too busy is one of the main reasons people do smoothies.

Michael Cox says:

Came here from other videos on blenders as I am researching on buying one. I don’t wish to bring the tone down and please don’t flame me, but here in the UK when you say “smear test” that is a term given to what I think you call in the US a pap test? Again different terms mean different things across the “pond” I know, but I felt I should mention it. Thanks. PS excellent videos by the way.

Bluesmurf says:

You can soak the almonds before, and I sold my Vitamix to a juice bar as it was too big for a single person. Check out the new vaccum blenders as they save 90% of the nutrients as they suck out the air from the carafe. Regular blenders oxidate the nutrients. I have the Nutribullet pro 900. Most raw foodists prefer blenders over cold press juicers. Your skin just glows in the video.

Anaidy Rodriguez says:

I love Nutribullet

Kris Beauregard says:

Thank you for this review, It helped me decide to purchase the NutriBullet Pro.  Curious, can you make smoothies the night before?  I don’t to wake the whole house at 6am.  TIA!

Peggy Butler says:

Would one of these be able to liquify a lemon that had been diced before blending?

One Journey says:

Can you compare Kuvings Vacuum Blender SV500B – BLACK $649.99 Thank you.

Delmis Medrano says:

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just eat the almonds. Or if you know you’re going to blend them, leave them soaking the night before.

mickey mouse says:

Nutribulliet wins

missumom42 says:

I have both. And I think the ninja worls better. However both are not good with carrots so I use the jack lalane for carrots and the ninja for the rest

Baljinder Singh says:

Awesome great video

DaddyO's Ink says:

“I’m too busy to make smoothies”…. Just wow. I hear that too much from my friends who just don’t want to give up their eggs and bacon…. It literally takes a minute and a half.

DJ Louder says:

Thank you

Mary says:

I have had my and used my Nutribullet for 8 years. Nunu has perform well. The one I have is the 600 watt.

cozytea scones says:

Which vitamix model is the quietest? Is it the G Series? I have heard that the Nutribullet has leak issues.

Stephanie Bradley says:

i’m glad i watched this video before i buy a blender i see nutribullet makes better smoothies then nutri ninja pro i decided to start making smoothies for healthy diet thanks for review.

Jeannie Williams says:

Why not use Almond butter instead of the nuts? and the Ninja Pro Lady did not put the ingredients in the correct order the greens should have been put in first.

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