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Bart drreboom says:

Hi man,

In your video you said that you have better options for the same price, what are these options ? Which is the best for around 100$

Gino Spina says:

Ok so I’m about 16 years old an know very little about Djing. I’ve always wanted to learn because I’ve always had a lot of interest in djs and Electronic music. I’m looking for a controller to start out on and to learn. I don’t really want to spend over about 110$. Do you have any recommendations of a controller for me to get? I could really use some help

Okie says:

ima buy one , just to mess around with and

이재령 says:

is hercules instinct s better than the party mix?

goalkeeper TV says:

is the numarkparty mix best begginer dj controller

Michael.Christo says:

should i get the hercules s series for cheaper and some lighting, or get this with no lighting and more expensive. please help ! any comments, please reply !

Alexander Scales says:

“…If the cable breaks, then there’s no way to replace it on your own…” Lol this thing looks like a toy

Evil Red says:

If yo still searching for the best setup for your gig at Tomorrowland – search no more!

Neo says:

I suppose this is good for house parties when you try to mix while wasted. But if you would take this on an actual gig you would be laughed upon 😀

EL CHAPO ! says:

I’m looking for a controller with I can scratch. Is party mix the best for 100$ ?

Doc Trower says:

Easily, a toy for baby DJs.

TRaViS DoMiNGueZ says:

We got that the lights aren’t that awesome. You dwelled on that for far too long. Can ya Mix? That’s the only question. I dont think anyone buys this thing thinking it’s the be all end a

Phil_Sledge says:

Thats a HUGE desk behind you Joey. Great review tho.

Larry Hamilton Sr. says:

Maybe Numark can/should get rid of the Light Show and the ability to run Serato Intro in addition to VitualDJ or Serato Intro alone! – That would replace the DJ2GO2! I’d be more likely to purchase this as a back-up controller rather than the DJ2GO2! Just sayin’…

Lenny Dercoole says:

Can I maybe put some new effects ore cue sounds on the cue Buttons?

Colt Tonge says:

My son really wants to get into this kinda stuff. He is only 9. Do you think this would be good for him or should I wait a few more years and get him something better?

ltfc44everrb says:

What dj controller would ppl recommend that uses Virtual DJ LE and is under £150 🙂

ClectaSkiMusic says:

This thing is a joke Mr. Joey…..

Un Social Con Altura says:

I have a Hercules Instinct and it overpass the quality of the numark, ther party box has a nice basic light as weel but it get better when you look at a nice performing jogweels set and 2 master outputs

EL CHAPO ! says:

what’s the size of the jog wheels ?

MrJoker says:

Marshmallow Uses That

Mdean De Jesus says:

i recently bought numark party mix…. but my mac os is only 10.6.8 and the requirements for vdj8 is 10.7, my question is can i use my party mix using vdj7? because i can’t upgrade my os anymore.. hope you can answer thanks.

DJ Wolve says:

as soon as my younger cousin got into DJing, i got him this controller, he was so excited. He loves the controller so far, and takes it with him pretty much everywhere, thx digital DJ tips for the review.

Chikk Guns says:

getting this for christmas

Spooky Boi says:

I think I’m getting this for Christmas… this or the MixTrack 3

AllThingsEDM says:

No Filter

Juan Pachanga says:

The Numark Party Mix DJ controller is here to get you ready to be a world-class DJ, and feel like it right away.

Daniel Widdison says:

It’s very good great jog wheels 🙂

Supercluster64 says:

I’ve been using it for months and I think most people are looking at this thing through the wrong end of the telescope.
To me it’s got two decks and fully customisable buttons, faders and knobs with VDJ LE. Since I can’t afford a proper pair of decks and a mixer, this serves its purpose greatly.
The only real drawbacks were the lack of platter touch sensing which I could do without, and the pitch faders : I have them set on +/- 8% but they lack precision : hard to lock in, and sometimes jumps in increments of around half a BPM which sometimes make beatmatching (pitch riding) a nightmare, but at the end of the day it’s actually useful for training. I am very satisfied of this product and it helped me get an idea of what I should be expecting next once I jump onto proper CDJs.

Atem S. says:

Waste of time! it’s good for little kids to impress their friends! Steer away, people! You can see Apple worked on it! LMAO

ToniWow Gaming says:

This numbers 1 2 3 4 of controller are hot keys ??

Nightcore_x_Universe says:

I’m a beginner DJ and I’m looking to start using a controller. This was my first option as it’s cheaper and looks really cool!

Floyd gamingNL says:

i can,t find serual number

SikDrop says:

Hello sir.I would like to ask a question.Which is better to buy as a begginner?Numark party mix or Hercules dj instict p8?Im confused.Thanks in advance.

based_autistic_dude says:

Joey the jogwheel it adjustable in Virtualdj its a setting you are missing

Josef Goldschmid says:

man, hahah, be happy for the toy. its for 100.u take it soo serious…kids band will dont like u like this….

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