[NAMM 2016] Numark Party Mix Talkthrough Video

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Pink Fried Memes says:

I might actually want to buy it if it didn’t have the lights lmao

GabriZ says:

Does this work with FL studio 12? great talkthrough btw!

Kwipper says:

…. wow… this is just gimmicky as hell…

I really expect better from Numark.

ChrisMac2489 says:

Headphone and the microphone port where???????

Harley says:

Is this compatible with Traktor or Serato?

Fecking Qunt says:

Does this work with serato?

Samuel Scioli says:

Does this work with VirtualDJ 8?

najwakaramfan48 says:

For small parties, how would you say this compares to the Mixtrack Edge? They both seem like exactly what I’d need (nothing fancy, just basic gear), and are within my budget.

Any idea on exactly when this will be released? (I’m in Canada, if that makes any difference)

Dj Reggie reg says:

Do not I repeat do not underestimate this controller….. It will rock trust me I have one …and I can scratch on vinyl…..this controller is well worth a 100 bucks

DJ Sammie C says:

Does This Includes Usb Cored?

Frank Dinasty says:

It can be used with TRAKTOR?

Joey Nomellini says:

do you have to use a laptop or can you use a tablet or smartphone

BigMikesince1971 says:

I understand the need for a small controller with many working features but those lights are just plain stupid.

Michael Escamilla says:

I am not a DJ, but when I have family parties at my house or even a small hall would it work. I just need something that I can just Q in the next song and listen to next song in Q. Will this do the job.

its FightLand G says:

can u use this with ur phone?

Mr 3ggo says:

Virtual Dj 8?

Rafif BZ says:

Numark party mix or hercules p8

Jack 01antern says:

Does it have the nudge feature?

rorz999 says:

Looks like a great controller for the price. I don’t think there’s another micro-controller that can match this currently

Paul Blake says:

how do you get all the pads to flash on party mix

Matty England says:

Awesome little mixer. I rock out on an S8 and have never been able to get my son to join in my jams with me. Get a mixer with 3 lights on the back and make it a child friendly size and viola – mini upcoming DJ. Cheers Numark. It’s made my year having a mix with my boy.

Minecraft Master4242 says:

Can I use my iPad with this controller with a USB adapter

Jacob Stadtfeld says:

“Built-in crossfader.” As opposed to an out-built crossfader?

The Wiid says:

“creates a party in your bedroom” XD

Yo Home Bio says:

Do u have to connect it with USB?

Juri Ket says:

Do the lights respond to the music? And are frequency knobs also low, mid and hi kill switches?

Mukek al abukek says:

fun little thing to take around a mates for a few drinks.

Steelasophical Steel Band says:

Why oh why oh why!

Dj Juanjo Eventos says:

working good and $100 price

Christopher Duvall says:

wait, no fx control?! what?!

Issac Cuarto says:

Do I need to still have a DJ Interface with this? or does this also take care of that issue?

George says:

usb? for laptop and can you make test i want to see how he work

Extreme Channel says:

It’s possible to turn phone in it? To play my playlist from the phone or iPad?

Electric bunny says:

How much

youfuckenmother says:

Do these things work with traktor or serato DJ?

Im Dubzane says:

does it record mixes to put on soundcloud? someone plz answer, im thinking about getting it tomorrow

RuzesterOfficial says:

Are the buttons rubber or plastic?

David Kavanagh says:

y is there always weird music in these videos

Anthony Toppi says:

$99! I want it!!!

Christopher Duvall says:


Let that sink in. For full audio interface, all controls you need, and that light show.

WWE TNA says:

I can see my mom & dad getting me this for my 17th birthday because it’s my first time djing

Ozzie Anxiety says:

ordered it. Can’t wait to get my paws on it. I have the Maschine Mikro….This will almost complete my collection. If anyone wants to know how I’m working with Maschine Mikro visit my channel.

trancer says:

better then ddj wego!

Evil Red says:

Pioneer killer


can this work with an iPad? specifically the djay app?!

Zenderman1 says:

Does it have a high pass or low pass filter??

TiKLS says:

Why is my license for this controller just a demo, and it says something about only using it for 10 min

Miguel Guzman says:

can i record songs with virtual dj le? or change de samplers and that stuff?

Fuck says:

Got one of these for Christmas, recommend it for a little get together with friends and it’s a good start for learning! 🙂

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