mixing console yamaha mx12/4

mixing console yamaha mx12/4 http://rockntv1.blogspot.com/2011/10/mixing-console-indie-rock-bands.html sound reinforcement Home Recording Studio mixer board , analog audio, music


John Gorgis says:

you can but you have to do alot of routing and will need some type of soundcard interface ,i suggest you just use fl studios built in parametric eq and multiband compressor to master

nick tozmozkoz says:

@ROCKNTV1 Your video came up when I have decided to warn people about Yamahas lack of support for their firewire and USB audio interfaces. Nothing wrong with your video, I just thought at that point that you were kind of advertising the N12. I am sorry again and removing my misleading comment. by the way quite interesting stuff u ve got here. I am subscribing

ROCKNTV1 says:

@HijamaNL i have the yamaha mx12/4 , works great on mine, I have no side out put on mine,. phone are labeled control room out.

ROCKNTV1 says:

@tozmozkoz I have been using Yamaha music equipment for years, even this mixing board,,, It was built LONG before windows, try watching the video so I can make sense of your comment,, lol the drivers are build into the yamaha mx12/4 for better noise rejection.

HijamaNL says:

Just a simple question: i got the 12/6 , and i want all the input sounds to be OUTPUTTED to Stereo Tulp or the Phone-jacket. How can i get sound out of it? I dont hear anything from the side-outputs!

ROCKNTV1 says:

@tozmozkoz THNX , I use the Yamaha mx12/4 as a sub mixer for my drums, cant really tell you anything on the other Yamaha console .

Jose Medina says:

Does anyone know how to get a good deep bass on it

monkeh88 Entertainment says:

a noob question but can u do mastering of a fruityloops track with that

ROCKNTV1 says:

i bet you could mix what ever you want with the yamaha mx12/4 mixing console

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