Mix Live CDJ 800 DJM 400

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TaoElectronics Elettronica Fai Da Te says:

why your xfader was only at one channel? you’re fake

nebneb 5813 says:

Personally, I think this dude spent way too much time fucking with the effects and showed little consideration with his transitions which made the whole thing rather choppy and rushed. Effects seldom make up for lack of actual mixing and poor song selection.

href amid says:

Guys this is really a good mix from what gear he uses.
If you don’t agree feel free to argue back but this guy is really good.

phatcat1210 says:

Are the 800’s a cdj ? I’m looking to get poss 1 I have 1210’s but could go with a cd to I handle my mix like stretching records looping from a 3rd Resoure

David Sumlea says:


Muffins TechnoPalace says:

First Track is crap, the other Tracks are very nice!! 😀

Liam Edward says:

you need to leave that fucking trim alone… why the hell do you keep playing with it? looks ridiculous

stéphanie colson says:

where the song at 0:21 ??? thank you 

DJCureTunezMusic says:

Would you recommend buying 2x Pioneer CDJ-800 today as a beginner? I am actually planning to buy 2x Pioneer CDJ-1000 mk2 but I want it as cheap as possible. Are there serveral cue points or is there just one?
Greetings DJCureTunez

El_Cuntro _ says:



eso es mentira porque en el minuto 3:04 el man coloca a sonar el lado izquierdo y la cosita para acomodar a que panel suena esta al lado derecho hay no debería sonar nada 

Andrew Akuvaev says:

that was sick bro at 2:08

Deejay Alovix. says:

i wish i could mix it live like other djs

God MC Underground says:

Total garbage!

DJ TONY 78 says:


Mike Oaks says:

You just play music, nothing special…

Orkhan Rustamov says:

What s the 1st track?

DlllonJ says:

Your technique is pretty different, not the best in the world but impressive how you use the effects of your equipment to spice it up. Well done

oneandonlykazoo says:

2:19 look the crosflader and chanel B gain

mathew klos says:

8:38 total shit learn more …. 😛

o c says:

i personally tried the djm 400 and it was a horrible mixer…, very bad mid – high db resistance, not worth the price

djay Junior de oliveira says:

fake naaoooo mudou o crosssfaderrr

18's says:

are there cue points on the cdj 800?

Sphelele Charles says:

Loool the vid and the music that’s playing are two different things Broh… firstly the crossfader is only on one channel and the way you put the 2nd track (2:06) sounds so computerized… i’m not hating perhaps that’s 22nd century mixer you got there…. nice decks hey.

andres9974 says:

How is the first song called?

SPEED says:


николай максимов says:

фуфло ((( 

Kenrick Lodge says:

It’s a fake mix

Jesus Luna Velasco says:


elmiton barros says:

affffffff ruim demais

Denniz Polk says:

Intro is pretty goth and kinda sick

Văn Dũng says:

Mix Live CDJ 800 DJM 400 tầm nhiu tiền a

DJ BeAt says:

Igual logra el objetivo, pero para mi gusto la música es muy mala y la forma en como lo lleva a cabo simplemente no me gusta.

RabbitKidd says:

10:00′ what song name ????????????????

Charlie Fiction says:

now I remember long ago i heard you lol



Steve Harris says:

Didn’t see the cross fader move once. Am I too old skool???

Greg Nyce says:


olive sono says:


Mozka says:

well this is the perfect example of a unexperimented dj just trying to look cool by posting a video of himself pretending he knows how to mix. well this is sad, for real.


Not see why there is so much hate it the comments. Not really my style but the mix and techniques are very creative.

Deejay Style says:

Intro de Quentin mosimann pourquoi tu la met payo ?

Fynn Püttmann says:

What is the name of the song on 2:08 ??? 🙂

Ruthless says:

nice 🙂 on 2:08 

Billy Crk says:

name of the song @ 5:59

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