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I am often asked, How to mix in key? How important is mixing in key? How to mix songs in the same key?
This week we are discussing these questions. I show you how to mix in key and explain how mixing in key is relevant. I then show you some examples of two songs being playing in key and two songs being played out of key.
After this, I discuss with you how important I think it is for you to mix in key.

I also discuss what I think makes a great DJ.

If you are looking for a lesson on mix in key, and you are interested in knowing how important it is, this is the tutorial for you.


Dreen DJ says:

Do you do any lessons with Rekordbox? Im an aspiring DJ using the DDJRB 100?

jhoseph Levy says:

Phil i am in nyc are u ever in nyc ? I want tombpay u fot in person tutorial

Ashkan Rmp says:

Im waiting for my dj set to come n start djing but i think this video was amazing i was looking for such information cuz i really care about how can 2 song match together the best so matching keys and beat matching its important to me already

Steve Aldous DJ mixes says:

I’ve been using the Camelot wheel for some time now and it has really helped me, great video by the way

Sven Verdickt says:

Reading the crowd is something you have or do not have but that makes a top dj for me. Knowing your music and not playing what you like is also important for me. I would rather have a full dancefloor and music i dont like then an empty danceflor and music i love. I did notice the key and find the video Interesting and learned from it. THX Phil

Santhanam Ramalingam says:

Will the key emulates bpm in a song

Alex Jaiyesimi says:

I dont care but my beatmatching and timing and effects use is really good so i think i can cover up my bad key by my good beatmatching and effects

Nokka10 says:

Having all this technology just proves djs are now manufactured and not used their own ears and skills to find tracks that work together. You dont get key markers on vinyl you just practise, listen and analyse your tunes and know by ear what works. Actually some tunes sound better outside the key range. Its all about experimenting. Bollocks to digital gimmicks ruined the club scene. No wonder theres billions of “dj’s”

Anthony Martinez says:

this was very very useful advice for me. not only you put my mind at ease I learned a whole lot. thank you

RR Musa Smith says:

Its better if you play songs with vocals. If you play just instrumentals, it will sound like one long song. With soulful house. I don’t see this being a problem at all.

Rick S says:

Thank you very much for this very helpful video ❤️

qthemusicdj says:

You ever have a song playing on the left side and have a loop timed on the right side then somebody comes up and distracts you with a request? Then you decide to switch the song you are bringing in and drop the new song ON THE LEFT SIDE completely throwing everyone off. Whoops! Never happened to me. Ever. Kind of ever

Kristoffer Agustin says:

Music transitions 10
Video transition 1 or somethin lol

Laraz F says:

As a dj/producer yes mix in key as making tracks spend hours getting drums synths bass in key so will make your sets much better but I get what your saying at the end of the video but don’t take long to use the wheel and you will get used to hearing what key a track is over time, you could tell straight away different keys before you mixed it,but I have been doing it a long time now but well worth the effort to learn mixing in key. I think so 🙂

BEST EDM says:


Phil Harris says:

Hey Guys, hope you enjoyed this mix in key video. If you are new to DJing and you want to learn everything you need to know, check out my FULL DJ COURSE at https://www.beginnerdjlessons.com/. Thanks!

Symbo Personal says:

To add to your discussion, im a beginner at dj’ing and my current goal is just to play music for house parties that either I organize or for my friends. The way I see it with my current knownledge about keys (b4 this video i did not know they existed), I could not identify that the two songs were not in key, but I care. As for your standpoints afterwards, I would agree. Just for playing music at a party, it would not be as important. I still want to learn how to identify if songs are in the same key and mixing them together seemlessly just for myself and maybe eventually at parties to see if anyone even notices that something happened ^.^ Great video as always btw

DJ Fulvio Mood Saint Tropez says:

Thank you top your explanation on how to mix

Antone Penn says:

Absolute rubbish!

Tokyoxx7 eagle-cha9our says:

#GREAT_Tips_Deejay__ ThX

robertosinglemalt says:


Stahlgewitter says:

You’re actually showing the circle of 5ths to a bunch of kiddies who haven’t the slightest clue about the practical aspects of music past “imma spin this jam.” Very ambitious and well natured advice but, as you see below, mostly wasted on this crowd.

Also, your title is misleading. One would expect you to explain the finer art of DJing, from song selection, to “feel,” to crafting a set, winning a crowd over and taking them on a journey, etc. Instead, you just chose one isolated little “tip” and acted like this was the secret key.

I don’t think so.

Tony Hogan says:

Thank you Phil, I purchased this software and it DRAMATICALLY improved my mixes. I was mixing, what I thought went together and sounded great (IN MY HEAD), now, I have learned that I can have some AWESOME transitions; like the pro’s.

Rick S says:

When you’re the dj, don’t expect the people to come and dance, is your job to make them want to do it !
Also sorry for my English 🙂

Olesia D. says:

Thank you! Very helpful video!

Azim Chew says:

All UK dj’s is the best dj! Ben Nicky was my one and only favourite Dj. Maybe u will be my best lecturer Sir! I love your advice. THANKS FROM MALAYSIA XX

P O'Neill says:

Great channel by the way, thanks.

Mike says:

what if the crowd doesn’t like my music for example i like to play house music but lets say the crowd is in a trap vibe, do i keep on with my music or change my whole set to fit the crowd

itsbeatrix says:

Great perspective! Thanks for putting it out there.

Ashley Lockhart says:

Thanks mate,,have been using MIK since it came out and is great, but as you said it is all about picking the right tunes! Good vid Phil ,easy to follow and fun, well done!.

ManzanaCity says:

Not sure why my keys disappear on a bunch of songs even after analyzing. Any help would be appreciated.

streetlite fun says:

thanks so much, am a dj but never made use of the keys. but right after here am gonna start making use of it

Maxy Wandaka says:

You look like Dean Ambrose If he was Scottish

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