Mix #3 – Numark Party Mix (One Take) DJ F4L

Mix #3 – Numark Party Mix (One Take) DJ F4L

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Aldric says:

Tu fais comment pour les droits d’auteur ?

KriLan 61 says:

This Humark is sell? (And i’m Russian)

Why you Trip'n off me? says:

All these negative comments are from people who don’t dance, they stay behind the booth. Never even ask girls to dance. To much focus on technique, and not the people. If all the tracks have fairly the same temple, and genre. It doesn’t take a genius to mix. It’s all about how you make people feel. The non socializing, narcissistic, non dancing DJ, will always loose. Your doing a great job. And this is from a producer, and artist. Peace.

DJ kotako says:

Comment et ou trouvé se controleur mix party de numark

Arnel says:

dafuq are u doin? lol

Debojit Nandi says:

plz anwser yes or no

Nestor Cazorla says:

Is numark party mix compatible with headphones, can i mix music just listening in headphones?

Claire Shiels says:

watch your levels mate

Debojit Nandi says:

this party mixture supported with play big high beat boxes

yousef extreme says:

Which website can you use for that

Ana Aceituno says:

La numark party mix da para mas , no solo se basa en sincronizar, bajar y subir volumen.

DJ Twiggy says:


2019Ewout Wybo says:

you do not just pick up two songs and play a bit on the bass and on the volume

Robert Thomas says:

Got the Tessa toilet paper in the booth. Droppin’ that hot sh!t.

Das_ Wienerschnitzel05 says:

What are you using for a Programm?

DJ AT33F says:

bro wtf ur so trash at mixing xd

Abe Coulter says:

That is not a mix. That is a pre recorded set by a real DJ

farid kazuma says:

Belajar beatmatching sm transisi dl om.. mixing kok kyk gitu ckckck

qing hui says:

1.18 what song name?

david orange says:

on my numark party mix my it plays for 2mins then the music stops playing can you tell me what am doing wrong pls top mix by the way

adi das says:

lalalala tururururu pittttptptpptpttptp sza sza sza sza sza nanananannanananna aaaaaaaaaaaaa tutututututututu ududuududududuuuu szmitek auuuuuuu

James Moreland Oliver says:

what kind of speakers and is that a sub in the back corner?

DJ SAR says:

How you sinchronize sound and video ? Dou you record ;;

Fortnite Player says:

I have the same I’m horrible but on do pro the bigger version I’m so good. Well done by the way

FRANE says:

not bad

Ana Aceituno says:

Y tu Nombre artístico debería ser FAIL no FAL

Eddoe VASQUEZ says:


SHaDowZz Music says:

maybe work on beatmatching and timing and you will get better keep it up!

SkyMemesDesk says:

What program do you use

DJ SEET says:

I love your video. Your Skills are amazing! It would be so nice if you could rate one of my DJ Mixes on my Channel

Meredith Beatz says:

3’57 anyone?? name of the track

Jay George says:

Hi how did you add the fx into your mixer, and how did you turn off the wheel scratching

lukas plaickner says:


Sparkeyyy says:


Hell12 says:

Its easy to get on here and tell someone they suck but that’s just a waste of damn time. Post a video showing him how to mix and EQ don’t just say he sucks. Keep it up dude, takes stones to post on here for millions to possibly see and post their opinions and they have no vids up at all.

Labura Space says:

https://youtu.be/5FnFPMFYarM Recomend Numark Mixtrack Pro3

Ekanath Manidas says:

Songs please???

Squirrel Boss says:

Man you caught a lot of flak, don’t give up!

Biotic says:

I got that board to bro

Madonassy Ren says:

Love it

Juwd Kraft says:

Omg so bullshit literally no skill not a ounce

JackDernerVlogs says:

this guy is so fake he just holding knobs that dont need to be

T. Mayer Jr. says:

You suck! No mixing skill whatsoever!

taniari yamaari says:


DJ Twiggy says:

bchjxkdhsjfhvbdnmsfvdjfbddfghgfdfghgfghgh im getting one 5 days for my b-day so getting it for b-day =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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