Midas M32 Digital Mix Console Review – Sweetwater Sound

Get the Midas M32 here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/M32/

Steve Young from Midas presents the M32 digital mixing console. Enjoy the video, then check out the M32 in even more detail at the link above.


whatshisface says:

Although there are many cool things about the new digital world of audio mixers, there is not doubt that they still detract from the creative process.
I can only equate them to common core math.

Example an analog console may have 6 effects sends per in put channel.
I want to send input 1 to the effect connected to effect send 3.
I turn effect send 3 to the desired amount and bring in the return fader, when desired, which I have returned into input channel 22.
I can now decide if I want to send that effects return into the effect on effects send 1, as an example, or not.
Very quick! Very Simple.
It is the equivalent of the example below.

Standard Math:

The amount of moves to accomplish the same simple task in a digital mixer is the equivalent of the common core math equation.

Common Core Math:
Problem: +32 – 12 = ____
12 + 3 = 15
15 + 5 = 20
20 + 10 = 30
30 + 2 = 32
3 + 5 + 10 + 2 = 20

I can make a valid argument that, the children today are being taught this ridiculous method to prepare them to relate the computer world.

I won’t go into the process involved in the Beringer X32 / Midas M32 to accomplish this simple analog task because there are plenty of YouTube Videos to explain the process.

My other complaint with many of the digital mixers is, that most of them only supply XLR ins and outs.
This requires that the customer either purchase, all new cables for the equipment that uses standard phone jacks or tip ring sleeve phone jacks, or purchase adapter plugs.
Allen Heath does a much better job in this department but may fall short in the effects and midi department.

No one company has yet to appeal the the recording engineer or home recording musician.
What one company offers has the other doesn’t.
I can only assume that the designer are not listening to the right people.
It’s like the windows operating system, you are just stuck with what they decide to give you.

I would like to take the Soundcraft si Impact effects and EQ, add the ability to download and install waves plugins take the ins and outs plus add inserts to the full 32 +1 motorized fader channels from Allen heath but, use the Midas faders, preamps, midi and chassis design, then add an effect send section to the master input section.

Six to eight sends assignable to three or four knobs though a single routing switch
One buttons that assigns 1-3 and 4-6 or 1-4 and 5-8.
This could also be duplicated and a separate section as monitor sends.
Internal routing is fine for assigning the returns to input faders that maybe take up input channel faders 27 -32 or 25 – 32 on a separate bank.
Those input channels, used as returns should also be select-able as stereo pairs as well, so one input channel becomes stereo the same as the single master stereo fader.

Give me all this for the price of the M32 and I am peeing my pants!
This will never happen in my lifetime, since none of the designers, of these digital mixers, are calling me for advise, but I can dream.


How would compare this to a Allen &Heath Q32? Anyone!

sihall1975 says:

It’s a Behringer X32 in a dress.How much do they compare price-wise?

Tommy Gunz, II says:

Watching this..now I understand where the Behringer X32 comes from.

Roy Johnson says:

Its an x32 in a different box and more money

MrManFisher says:

Not a review. It’s a sales head doing a rundown of the thing. No tech head definitely. Otherwise he would have picked up on the expandability through AES50 and the Dante card.

Dennis A says:

Too much talk and zero action. When are we going to hear this mixer in action with a live band for example?  I don’t want to buy this thing without hearing a live band on it.  If Allen & Heath could do it, so can you.  Come on!

deetgeluid says:

Does anyone know if you can switch the dynamics section pre/post aux?

Victor Awazie says:

midas sweet like honey

Christopher Moody says:

Actually its a Mackie Digital X bus in a gown.

automatics1im says:

I want one. 

Chad Watson says:

Is this a joke???? April fools? Wait it’s not April!!!

Audiomajik says:

Is it really a “review” if you sell them?  Its more like a commercial.

João Lopes says:

x32 lol

tee sulzhik says:

Seems like this console is a ghost.

Cobra Commander says:

Steve Young retired from the 49ers to go work for Midas making world class sound boards??? :O

Soumya DasGupta says:

Thanks for this…. is very helpful. A very basic question… does the unit support the Mac platform? Will I be able to treat this as an IO device for my mac running pro tools?

Izzie Schitzenberg says:

call me old fashioned but at least with analogue stuff my ‘snapshot” is right before me at all times, not embedded somewhere

Tony Draper says:

This console is awesome. Thanks for the video & in depth look.

Nathan nc says:

9:29 Hs screen ?

slickcross says:

Man…im a musician and im so confused lol Sound is a whole other animal.

Rosenberg Jerusalem says:

Tolles Gerät uns super leicht zu Bedienen, für mich ist das Gerät einfach zu schwach zu wenig Möglichkeiten für Profi Einsatz.

Sound Trap Studios says:

There seems to be a tremendous lack of information about the M32 regarding DAW Application.

Tim Del Toro says:

How many devices can you connect?? iPads, iPhones??

Olugbenro Stephen says:

Hello, I got the Midas m32 digital mix but don’t know how to record the audio to my windows PC instead of plugging in a USB flash for recording. Really need help

Tupa Mesia says:

Thanks for the video: excellent..!!!


is this x32 in disguise ?

Diep Dinh says:

I love mixer midas. Thank for tranning

Keef Richards says:

My church is looking at getting a digital mixer. Thanks for explaining how to use the unit. Need to understand the mixer as much as possible so I can train others. Looks great. Common guys you can’t hear the mixer on your computer and get a correct understanding on how it sounds.

alejandro soto says:

la misma interfaz que la x 32 🙂

CVDHolland says:

Keep dreaming !!! Hahahahhaahahahha

metalplatedfacejob says:

it’s a beast, waaant.

aldodaniel1986 says:

This mixer looks like a Behringer x32 to me…. hopefully the quality is not the same….

guitarz04 says:

I turned on my midas M32 and I cant get any input signal on any of the channels, it worked the last time I shut it off, any ideas? ive tried everything I can think of, maybe the mixer is kaput?

Jordan Orozco says:

how do you turn the sound board on????

Crucial P Denis Lea says:

Interesting !

Rhavin Grobert says:

“…from our sister company…” – LMAO ^^

Louis v W says:

I have that one too, but then with a Behringer logo and 50% less expensive….
Are you guys really kidding me ..????? What a fake !!!!

Ryan Cox says:

The reason this console looks like, and has almost the same features as, the x32 is because Behringer bought out Midas. That being said the quality of the board will be FAR superior to the x32 because all of the components (not just the mic pres) will be designed by Midas. That means every thing from the faders to the Klark Technik processor. So you can be sure that this board will still blow the x32 out of the water.

Sim Bee says:

Let’s face it, this is just an over-priced Behringer X32 with a re-hashed design to rip off all those people who still hold a 20 year old prejudice against being seen with a Behringer product! 🙂

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