Making an Entryway Table // Live-edge shelf // Box Joint // Drawer

Jon Peters drawer video –
My Box Joint Video –

Armor Tool Table –
Armor Dog Clamps –
Microjig Grrripper –
Ruler –
Benchdog Push Stick –
Brass Rod –
3/8 Dowel –
5/16 Spring –
Card Scraper –
Renaissance Wax –





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Armor Tool provided me with with table and clamps. Even so, all opinions are my own 🙂


Monroe says:

really like the brass idea. hmmmm…think i might be doing this

Giomas says:

From Italy: very good – congratulations!!

KingVon01 says:

You did a wonderful job keep it up

ale8oneboy says:

Great project all around! I love how simple but effective the drawer stop is. You just earned a new subscriber with me. 🙂

Frontierless Craftsman says:

looks great love the one sided drawer enclosure. keep the videos coming!

Bob Burch says:

Just shared this video with my daughter. She does some woodworking and needs some encouragement! Great job!

Bob Burch says:

Just shared this video with my daughter. She does some woodworking and needs some encouragement! Great job!

Jeff Mann says:

Great video. I won’t pick on you for the accent (or lack of it), being from Alabama. We’re used to getting picked on. Everybody asks us to say, “Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear?”

Mike From Texas says:

Great table and video!! Thank you for sharing your work. One question: what dust mask were you wearing? It looks like those rz masks I’ve seen.

Travis Obenhuber says:

I thought the accent was fun. Just deepens YouTube personality. Great project and interesting box joint method. I’ll keep it in mind because I love using thick construction materials. Keep it up.

Donald Callahan says:

Nice build had fun watching it keep it an like the guy said be your self


Niice! Subscribed

Fran Kiko says:

Wonderful project, beautiful wood, great design, excellent narrative. The drawer & live edge are good focal points. In my nearly 50 years of woodworking, there have been few times when I DIDN’T have to make an “adjustment” to a joint or design during the cut operation. You are doing well!

African Cichlids says:

looks good , lose the annoying background musik

Big Mike is talking says:

Draw……er drawer drawwwwerrrrrr.

BronkBuilt says:

Very nicely done! Love the dowel and spring idea.

Loal Vance says:

When you bugger up the edges of a box joint (or dovetail joint) you can often use a sharp chisel to clean the mistake up, and then glue in a small filler block. Once the glue has dried you can either re-cut the joint with your jig, hand cut it with a thin-kerf saw (Japanese saws work great), or even pare it back slowly and carefully with your chisel. Saves having to cut the whole board and adjust everything else, or start over. The repair is almost always virtually invisible, and leaves your joint tight and professional looking. Practice the technique on some scrap first, but it works great and will save you a lot of $$ and time when you are working with expensive hardwoods. Good luck!

leegoodman61 says:

Love the use of ambrosia maple – keep woodworking and those skills will get better. Looks nice though for a somewhat newbie woodworker.

Drawer – correct pronunciation is phonetically ‘droar’ – put a ‘d’ in front of ‘roar’ – as in what sound a lion might make.

Let's Build Things says:

Awesome project Tamar, love the brass dowels and to make for feel a little better we say draw the same way in the uk.

Kai says:

respect ….respect

matt mcl says:

Great build, really dig that maple, will def need to incorporate it into a project one day. And yeah your accent, good stuff!

Víctor M Rodas says:

I really enjoyed this video… nice work! I’d never considered using brass in woodworking but it looks really chic; I’ll give it a try later. Keep the videos coming. Greetings from México

DAVID 24 says:

Great job it looks amazing

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

I really like the design of this piece! Nice job. and I agree with you, the box joints really add a lot. Good call cutting it off when you weren’t happy with the joint.

Shawn Henry says:

One thousand likes!

Cesar Maldonado Diaz says:

Well done.

pcproff says:

Cool video, good energy, subbing.

CelestialLites says:

Beautiful table. Look up the 5 cut method of squaring your crosscut sled. (and I subscribed)

Ricardo Davila says:

Great Project !

Son of a Diddly says:

Throw some heavy fabrics up on the wall to kill the echoes

lomoDaniel says:

Where’s a good source for the brass dowel stock? I love the look. Great video!

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